Weddings are very important events, and a wedding day is most times seen as the happiest day of everyone’s life. It marks the day you walk out of single-hood into matrimony by saying the two transforming words “I do.” This special day comes with making long-term promises to a spouse in front of friends and family and then rounding it off with dancing, partying, and of course photos sessions. While people can go as inexpensive or expensive as they like with most of these things, one thing is for sure: there’s going to be a lot of photos – the wedding has to be remembered. We gathered the most absurd wedding photos ever, and to be curious, what exactly were the couples thinking? And what will they tell their kids/grand kids about their wedding day? Without saying much let’s enjoy the view of these unusual wedding photographs.

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1. Saying “I Do” From 2,000 Feet Above

upside down
















Admit it, this is actually really impressive. The couple had the nerves to stay suspended upside down, over 2000 feet above ground level, just to say “I do.”

2. Wanted!

dead or alive

Well, this couple sure have a thing for guns. We Just hope they have the licence for it and won’t end up killing themselves with it.

3. Public Nuisance

















Now this is one hilarious wedding portrait. This guy is so excited about his honeymoon, but what we are not sure about is what the bride is doing hiding her face in that wall.

4. Hunter Wedding

hunter wedding

These Scottish couple really look amazingly simple in their wedding outfits. The woman sure has a great sense of fashion and style – with her checkered piece of fabric around her waist to match the groom’s jacket.

5. Run Honey


This picture will make you give a second thought to picking a zoo for your wedding reception. The after party might turn into a hide and seek game or a run-for-your-dear-life experience.

6. Weird Traditional 


This traditional part of the wedding is normally harmless, but when it happens in public it gets awkward. And the fact that she seems undisturbed while making her call and having her groom underneath her is really weird.

7. Until Death Do You Part

Till death do u part















This is just creepy in so many ways. The couple is smiling and happy to be wedding inside a coffin. Instead of a white dress, the bride picks maroon while the guy goes for a white shirt.

8. Wheel Barrow Ride

wedding party 06














These people obviously missed their childhood, but chose the wrong day to make up for it. Is that wheel barrow racing or what?

9. They Know What They’re Doing

wat dey doing
















The wedding photographer must have seen this creepy guy with the black eye before taking the shot, but still went ahead. It’s either the photographer is dumb or mischievous or a killjoy.

10. What A Couple!
















Salute to these ridiculous looking couple. Isn’t the bride way bigger than the groom? Just thinking how the first honeymoon night would be like.

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