20 Everyday Objects That Are Really Planning To Kill You


Some everyday objects can’t just stop planning to rock on your demise. They undoubtedly would kill if a slight chance pops up. This might sound crazy to you especially the thought of  lifeless objects making real death plots against humans. But after going through this article, you would find out that you are not only being watched all day everyday by some raging home objects, but that they are constantly conjuring to have you killed.  So you are advised to be particularly careful handling any of these objects. Have fun while reading anyway!

1. This zipper can’t stop wishing for a vampire’s bite right on your neck.


2. This hot-tempered red pepper is about to take a bite off your neck

3. This spilt tea is just letting you know that next time you might be the one on the floor.

4. Even Your onion is dead set on making you cry your eyes out.

5. And this mop can’t wait to use you and wipe the floor Clean

6. How about this angry pickle that intends to have you inside a pickle instead!

7. These eggs are so eager to eat you up from the inside

8. And this popcorn intends to make you the actor of your own real-life horror film.

9. Watch Your Side, this blanket can’t just wait to take you out while you watch movie.



10. And this pasta says “no rest until I make sure it’s you who ends up in hot water”.

11. Wait! I bet this kayak can’t wait to drop you like you’re hot into the water to let you wine and dine with the sharks.

12. This bag is plotting to grab you and tie you up.

13. This ice cream is making a plot to ensure you’re the one who will cry the loudest instead.

14. These boxes are seriously planning your very unpleasant downfall.

15. And this roof is surveying the surroundings while awaiting the time for a perfect strike.

16. Watch out! this car is only wishing to cruise you to destruction.

17. This chocolate milk is plotting to make you never want chocolate milk ever again.

18. How about this  pair? This pair of shoes are desperately conjuring up an evil plan.

19. This car seat is definitely up to something so please scrap the car!

20. This grater can’t just wait to be grating you instead.