20 Female Celebrities Who Appear Barely Dressed In Public – Wait Till You See No. 1


Dresses are made to be worn for two purposes: First, to cover up and keep warm, secondly to look good and classy. Most celebrities dress up to social functions with just the second purpose in mind. They choose to wear see-through dresses that barely cover them up as a way to make fashion statements, as a result, such nude fashion is fast becoming the trending fashion. You will definitely see a couple of such fashion on every red carpet as one celebrity tries to out-nude the other in expensive sheer dresses.

Some of these clothes are as good as mosquito nets and cover almost nothing, so why wear clothes at all, One might ask? Whatever the case, these ladies have excellent bodies that they can’t help but put on display for all eyes to see. They portray both styles of supremely sultry dressing suggesting sexy, hot and daring bodies. Well, if their fans love this fashion trend, there is nothing else to say, after all, celebrities are all about media hype, fans and paparazzi’s. This article is all about nearly nude pictures that will keep your eyes busy for a couple of minutes. Enjoy!

20. Victoria Hervey

Victoria Hervey

Lady Victoria Hervey is a British socialite who does not have much reservation appearing in public with minimal level of cover for which she has often been criticised for. The appearance that has generated the most buzz was when she appeared on the Red Carpet during the Golden Globe event putting on next to nothing. Lady Victoria Hervey has never been a wallflower when it comes to red carpet events

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