20 Harmless Things Kate Middleton Did That The Queen Probably Didn’t Like

Hey! She is a princess and it must be nice being a princess — everything she does is loved and approved. At least, that’s how we’re supposing Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge famously known as Kate Middleton’s life is . Well, one would definitely think so, but seemingly not. Sometimes things she did rubbed the Queen in the wrong place. We do know that people really love Kate Middleton, and some of her fashion choices, including wearing every-and-anything that shows off her cute legs, but Queen Elizabeth is allegedly not such a fan of many of her actions. The Queen always wants all Kate’s  appearances and actions to look more royal highness than high street.  So if you think the royals have the perfect and less argument life think again because they so much satisfy themselves with occasional internal squabble, mostly about Kate Middleton and her ‘wardrobe defects’. Here are the things Kate did that didn’t sit well with the Queen

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Kate wearing minis that have hemlines above the knee

Kate not keeping her Hair in Order

Kate used to wear tons of wedge but the Queen really doesn’t like them and it’s well known among the women in the family, according to reports.

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On the whole, the Queen probably doesn’t like Kate’s bum being revealed too often.

Kate spending lots of money (According to reports, the Queen revealed that most of Kate’s spending are inessential and excessive)

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The Queen reportedly hates that Middleton skipped royal engagements to be with her kids. While Middleton is more modern, the Queen puts a huge emphasis on her royal duties.

Kate preferring the wrong wedding dress

Kate not having a proper job

The Queen allegedly told members in her inner-circle that she disapproves of Middleton not having a proper career, saying that the Duchess is more concerned about socializing than doing any relevant job.

A Topless Kate Caught on Camera

Kate trying to copy Diana’s dress sense



Kate follows Diana’s wardrobe choices, which The Queen is reportedly not a huge fan of. She ordered the duchess to tone it down and adhere to a strict dress code

Desiring Home Birth

It appears Kate was thinking of having a home birth, but the Queen did not allow it. Based on the National Enquirer, Queen Elizabeth decreed that Kate should deliver her baby in a hospital.

Kate not putting on dress weights

According to reports, there have been orders from Buckingham Palace commanding that Kate’s wardrobe defects need to be tackled fast.

Kate using the Royals to get her sister a cushy job

The royal family reportedly thinks Kate’s sister Pippa was only hired as an NBC lifestyle/health features correspondent for her access to the palace and the Queen.

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Socializing Too Much

The Queen thinks women are supposed to be seen but not heard. And she believes Kate should stop socializing so much.

Kate shopping Too Much

The Queen probably hates too much spending. The queen known for her frugality complied with this rule even in 1947 when she used coupons for her own wedding dress, according to the Times of London.

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Kate accusing Prince Charles of driving a wedge  between herself and Prince William

Will and Kate split up for a short period of time in 2007 and Middleton blamed Charles for the temporary acrimony. The Queen probably didn’t buy that.

When She Was Super Excited To Visit The Downton Abbey Set:

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She took her treasured William away from her

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