20 Richest People Of All Time


There are wealthy people; and there are renowned wealthy people. Humanity has produced billionaires all around the world, but history has registered a significant number of multi-billionaires, whose wealth trembled the world. They are the richest of all times. One would think that with the modern-day sophisticated technology and lifestyle, the present day billionaires would douse the flames of the ancient royalties and Lords. That has not happened. At least not yet. As a couple of our modern-day billionaires make the list however, here are the 20 richest people of all time.

Here are the 20 Richest People Of All Time:

20. Friedrich Weyerhaeuser: Net Worth: $80 Billion


6-year-old Friedrich was a student of the Lutheran school at Nieder-Saulheim. He also helped in the farm with his parents. After the death of his father, he emigrated to the United States with his family. There, he worked in a brewery for 2 years. Friedrich later ventured into the construction and sawmill industry and in 1900, he bought 900,000 acres of Timberland and founded the Weyerhaeuser Timbre Company which is still the largest seller of timber in the United States..

19. Henry Duke of Lancaster: Net Worth: $85.1 Billion


Henry was a diplomat, soldier and politician. He was also a royalty – the only son and heir of Henry, earl of Lancaster. The enthusiastic money bag ventured into several enterprises during the war in France and in 1336 he was made a lieutenant to the king of Scotland. He particularly campaigned for peace with the French in the 1350s. Henry died in 1361 at Leicester at the age of 51. Prior to his death, he authored the devotional, Livre De Seyntz Medicines (Book of the Holy Doctors).

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