Humans generally are fixed with the ability to appreciate good things. This has nothing to do with gender or status – when a nicely shaped woman or a handsome dude with great abs is in sight, one thing is for sure, mouths must drool. Celebrities are just the same as any other human and have even a harder time resisting the urge to check out something nice because they are most times around hotties. But unfortunately, someone is always looking and with a camera ready to capture that awkward moment when the eyes starts roaming.

Men mostly are often found guilty of looking into a woman’s bra or staring at her butt, but hey, women do stare too. With so much of women’s body parts displayed in skimpy and sheer outfits, these onlookers are not to be totally blamed are they? Some of the provokers need to tone down their hotness to avoid being stared at, right? Anyways, you might find this list interesting or rather hilarious as it captures great personalities caught in the very act of staring. Some have no shame whilst others have a very discreet technique of enjoying great views just when they felt no one would notice.

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1. Barracks Obama

Even the greatest had to turn around to take another look at the hot Brazilian lady. Obviously, he was not the only one in this picture guilty of the crime.

2. Justin Timberlake


Justin was a few seconds away of evading this shot, but then even though he was still very much on track as to where he was heading to, his eyes took a side look to see if it could get lucky with the content beneath the jean skirt.

3. Oliver Stone


Oliver Stone is such a pervert, using hand gestures to distract the camera from seeing what he is seeing. Then again, was that a hand gesture or was he reaching out to the twins?

4. Thierry Henry and Tony Parker

thierry not

These two celebs are used to getting all the attention, but in this picture, they are just a part of the crowd looking at a beautiful lady whose thighs were up for grabs.

5. Bradley Cooper

bradly snipper

Is Bradley Cooper practicing on his American Sniper skills or what? He just couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful actress, hoping she would feed his hunger games.

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