40 Strange Things That Look Amusingly Identical


It’s a really weird world we live in. Things make sense and have explanations, but a lot of other things have no explanations and make no sense whatsoever. Have you ever come across someone or something that reminded you of someone or something else or looks eerily like a character you just saw in a movie? So Justin Timberlake has a twin and it is no human but a pack of indomie noodles.

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Well, here is further proof that we are living in a world brimming with tens and hundreds of strange possibilities. Who would have known that there are so many unexpected things that look unbelievably alike. Prepare to be blown away by the endless possibilities that occur in our ordinary everyday lives. have fun!

Cartoon or real, this guy sure looks like his mom ha two of them. 

Justin Timberlake’s hair looks like this noodles

This torn stocking looks like the Burj Khalifa’s twin doesn’t it?

Now don’t our favorite stars Khal Drogo and Scar look like they came from the same womb?

Puppies are cute but not when they look like our favorite KFC special.

Who would have thought 1980s Cher has an identical twin in a Sea Urchin?

This Tree Stump is a right resemblance of  E.T no doubt!

Clearly, this guy looks like the brave rat from the cartoon “Ratatouille”.

This man looks like crocks shoe

Meet the identical twin of Master shifu from the cartoon Kung fu panda…..the bad-tempered cat looks just like him no doubt.

Would Michael have been able to explain this if he were still alive? Makes you wonder if the sculpture had a vision

This dog looks like Samuel L Jackson

Say hi to Snoop, Ice cube and their adorable minis

This dog looks like Puttin right?

The Sphynx Cat is simply Iggy Pop’s twin



This apple looks like an owl

This baby looks like the cute dog

Elvis looks like the famous Statue of Liberty

Now what can we say to that?

This tree stock looks like a Wild Hog

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