Child Bodybuilder and World’s Strongest Boy Grows Up

World's Strongest Boy

Ever heard the story of the world’s strongest boy? Well, let me pique your interest. His name is Richard Sandrak and at 8 years of age, he looked more like a tiny version of Arnold Schwarzenegger or a circus act than an ordinary 8-year-old. His tale inspired a 2004 documentary ‘The World’s Strongest Boy’ and a host of bodybuilding websites. The documentary detailed his ability to do splits and bench-press three times his own body weight. The strong child began training since the age of two in the United States but the hard work never really paid off. He is now an internet hit after he reappeared in the public eye more than 15 years later in “Where Are They Now”? TV special, looking all grown up, gentle and certainly happier than ever.  Join us as we take a chronological look at the story of Little Hercules, his life, and how far he’s come.

10. Road To Stardom – Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Style


Richard Sandrak was born in Ukraine on April 15, 1992. His parents Pavel and Lena were sportsmen (Pavel, a martial arts champion, and Lena, an aerobics competitor). The family later moved to the United States in 1994 with the promise of a new life. They lived in Pennsylvania with their two-year-old son but his father wanted more; to make him a weightlifter and a martial artist.

Starting out so young, little Sandrak doddered about his father’s home gym. Without considering the weight effect on the child, his father taught him how to lift lighter weights, stretching, and primary martial arts techniques. It was only a matter of time before his workout routine took a turn of its own as a full bodybuilding course including the diet for a bodybuilder. By the time he was four, he was already strong enough to handle 600 push-ups, 600, sit-ups and 300 squats daily (talk about bodybuilding the natural way). That’s sure sounds terrifying! Well, at 6 years, he became fully chiseled out and was bench-pressing weight three times his weight. 

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