These 10 Animals Are Not Very Sure About Which Species They Belong To-They Are Pretty Confused


There are days we feel totally mad and so not us because one thing or the day ruined it for us. Well, minor things can trigger bad days, whether it’s having a petty quarrel with your friends, roommate, getting stuck in traffic, or just waking up on the wrong side of the bed and the rest of such day is usually devastating. Yea, nothing seems to make more sense for the rest of such day.

But now, incase you are having one already, perhaps you misplaced your keys, forgot your wallet, left your brown-bag lunch in the fridge, getting stress from parents, siblings or you are being described as a rotten apple, you need just to take the rough with smooth and feel good because these 15 animal are super confused which specie they belong to. Take it for a fact, they can’t really recall which specie they are. So, it’s been a sheer rough day for them. See photos, it will cheer you up!

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Hey! Bro, what are we even looking at?

I can’t believe this horse is eating a dog’s food. And the dog says “hey horse, I don’t ever try to steal your hare, so get off my food”!

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See how they are warming up one another…c’mon what happened to cat and dog fight? Well, they are just exhausted out from the catnip

Stand in line doggy….we’re almost there.



Hi Kitten why did they have to thrust you into the cage?

Less noise please! She thinks I’m a bird too, so I’m rolling with it

Oh no kid! I’m not a horse…please get off my back its aching

Shh! Just napping with my lil bro. Hold me tighter please.

Just look closer, it’s not even a full moon cow …so why this?

Now, spell out why you are late.

I hope this helped  your day have a good turn? I’ m here chuckling too. So don’t choose to be mad still because some bunch of people are here laughing it out…C’ mon why don’t you join the big crowd. Yea, hell no to the freaking bad day..we are out for a good day.