These 10 Sign Posts Will Make You Laugh: They’re Funny And Strange


Different sign posts tell different stories, or give different instructions or information on what is ahead be it good or bad. They do tell us about oncoming dangers, how to appropriately get to our destination, and to remind us of the road laws, but how about the ones that get too serious and specific because people continually refuse to obey them? Yea there are signs that get you confused at one time and laughing it out at another time because you can’t really get why they sounded too direct. Well, it can get even funnier, check out the how funny they can get. This is a collection of very funny, weird and serious signs that will leave you laughing or just plain confused.

Nancy? She must want a job really bad.

This sign post means the opposite. It actually wants you to read it!

So…what do you do then? Perhaps Glide through the road or try slow running!


So which rule do I follow then?



This will tell you how bad the food is.

Okay, only if you can get a hold of me!

Like obesity has suddenly become a crime?

Moose? Okay!

I would not want to go anywhere close to an explosive dog, would you?