These 22 Mugshot Tattoos Are More Frightening Than Any Crime Show Or Story

Ladies and Gentlemen weird faces have just landed! Okay, having a perfect world appearance mustn’t be and shouldn’t matter either, but having a face tattoo the ones you are about to see, is way beyond weird. I’m certain it’s nearly impossible not to be suspected of foul play with an appearance like these ones. Of course, I think they don’t look cool, and they look even more ridiculous when someone in his sixties has it. I just hope I would never have to meet any of these people in person. Thanks to Mugshots, the general public can now come face to face with hardened criminals without having to meet them in person. After you get to see some of these mugshots of criminals with facial tattoos, they would certainly leave you in wonder.

Frightening Mugshot Tattoos:

What would you call this? This dude’s face shoots people with an invisible gun



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What is going on in this face? This face obviously says I am just out of prison and might probably go back!

This is how I used to picture devil to look like… Don’t know if my guess is right.

Is this supposed to be a criminal clown? Looking scary though.

Please who would employ this dude with this face? He might be signing his resignation letter if he is already employed unless its not permanent.

Please don’t blame this guy, all he wanted was to grow an epic mustache… After all, mustache is the new six-pack isn’t it ?

Is he napping?

This guy is so hardened that he started growing horns.

Where did his black contacts go? I hope these eyes are not permanently like this coupled with his facial look!

He wants to suck your soul out of your body



Poor boy! His face is quite innocent …the jury might actually change their minds for good.



Thanks for letting us know what you are thinking.

Now what do we call this face, Complicated?

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Hey! This guy might be lost in his look… Looks confused. Well, he is another criminal clown

Is He genius Who cant spell what he is? Oh yea! He mis-spelt genius

Please could you remind us where you said you come from again… Prison?

Why the space?  You might as well cover every part.

Picture the pains he went through just to have his skull inked. Nice to know you can survive even the worse pains.

I totally don’t know what he wanted, but i really don’t think it came out well!

Can someone tell me whats happening here?

You don’t have to ask, you have got all eyes on you already



What do I call this face?

Aren’t they scary? You know for a fact that these faces are all really frightening, yet, there are people who think they are awesome and would want to get a tattoo like that. Personally, I would pass.  So, would you rock one these tattoos?