This Woman Tattooed Half Her Face, But You Will Hardly Notice


Face tattoos and other conspicuous  tattoos could rock your life to the core as you may find it very difficult to be employed or be treated with respect in the society. Of course, it is a generally known fact that organizations tend to judge applicants with tattoos negatively, and when people go into job interviews with tattoos all over their skin, they usually don’t come out with positive answers. Employers wouldn’t hire people whose faces are covered in tattoos. They might look at it as folly of youth, but an obvious tattoo pasted on the face to them, just indicates someone who doesn’t have the mental acuity or maturity to fulfill the job requirements.

Face tattoos are usually an eyesore and strike most people as the attention-seeking behavior of people who don’t have enough sensible things on their minds. Tattoos that are difficult to cover up  such as neck, head/face, hands tattoos are regarded by many as a clear sign of poor decision-making abilities. Normally, most employers want conformity, a team player but a tattoo shouts quite the opposite, it says ” I want to be different”. That might tell why many tattooed faces wonder why they never get a call back after any job interview. Oh Yes! It is almost the same thing as an employer turning away an applicant who came to his job interview wearing ripped jeans and t-shirt.

But the question is, how would you decline employing someone whose facial tattoo you cannot see? With all the strange looks people with facial tattoos get, this woman has given it a brazen try with a doctor’s encouragement. What is more interesting is the fact that it came out perfectly well as you would never know unless you are told. She might have been faced with such questions as “seriously, do you know a tattoo is a forever thing? But after hearing the ordeal of 17-year-old Samira Omar, a victim of a bullying accident, you would find out she has plausible reasons to have her face inked, although it is definitely not noticeable. After hearing her story of brutal assault in the video below, you will be inspired.

Isn’t it an amazing and touching story? Now, you could see it’s not always wise to regard facial tattoo as an ill decision as a whole when the hopes of people with overwhelming scars are renewed. The life of this brave and courageous woman was changed for good after she tattooed her face. Her scar used to be staggering and had weighed on her before she got this special facial treatment. She serves a wonderful and great example, one that says we can all get over any circumstance and be pleased with our life decisions even when they seem absurd to others. Scroll down to see more pics.