Wonders shall never end, these pictures will totally keep you guessing whether this human being is actually a male or a female, but funny enough he is a male. Micah is an upcoming singer, he is 20 years old with a hip that can keep even the likes of Nikky Minaj and Kim Kardashian staring at him with amazement. On his Facebook Page, he describes himself as an up and coming vocal artist from Chicago. He took to Instagram to post these pictures and has really got the attention of many, his measurement was taken and it reads – chest: 41.5″ waist: 37″ butt/hips: 63″. Many might wonder why he has to showcase this, but the truth is that for him to post this on Instagram shows that he is actually proud of it. For those who slam him for the photos, he says he doesn’t care, he’s born this way!

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