The eyes are a fascinating kind of camera that sees things just the way they appear. Of course, what could be more fascinating than a small ball-like organ that captures a whole lot all at once and then sends them to brain? They are not only alluring cameras, the eyes are also one of the most important organs that work every second of a person’s life, one of the most powerful organs in body that it uses about 65% of the brain as well as one of the most easiest organs to manage. As a matter of fact, people almost forget that they’ve got eyes because it rarely gives them troubles unlike other physical parts of the body except those with eye problems. Still people know so little about the eye, so we bring you some necessities you really need to know about the eye. Glance below to see some of them.

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1. The Human Eyes Cannot Shed Tears Until 2-4 Months after Birth:

This of course explains why when a baby is born, he or she never roll down tears even when they cry out the loudest. This is because human eyes cannot produce enough tears until after few months of a human’s life and only produces amount enough to lubricate and protect the eyes at the time of a baby’s birth as the tear glands are not yet fully developed until they are about 2-4 months old.

2. They Blink at Least 12 Times Every Minute:

Another fascinating thing about the eyes is that, the eyes of an average person would blink at least 12 times within a minute. More amazingly, each flutter movement of the eye would normally take one-tenth of a second and thus humans really spend more time with their eyes closed than they know.

3. It Cannot Be Transplanted:

The eye is one organ of the body that is still posing a big challenge to doctors in terms of transplant. Doctors around the world have not been find out a way to transplant. This is burdened on a big reason that the optic nerves which link the eyes to the brain are so delicate that it is virtually impossible to reconstruct them successfully.

4. The Eyes Have Blind Spots:

Did you know that of the human eyes have holes on each of them known as blind spots? These blind spots are as a result of a communication between the retina and the optic nerve. But the imparts  of these blind spots in the eyes are faintly noticed as the two eyes work together to pay for the blind spot in the other.

5. The Eyes Can Be Differently Colored:

Some individuals do have differently colored eyes. Some could be whiter, browner, and the host of others darker. This is as a result of a condition known as Heterochromia which can make a person to be born with two differently colored eyes.

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6. The Eyes Never Rest:

The eye works every second of a person’s life. Even when you are taking a nap, your eyes never really sleep. Other parts of it including eyelids and exterior muscles of the eyes might take a break sometimes but the major organ never really rest.

7. The Eyes Can Heal Very Quickly:


The eyes heal very rapidly and are among the fastest healing organs in the body.  Sometimes tears may streak your eyes without you intending to cry, or you may have dull ache, or even a red spot on your eye on the edge of the colored part, where it touches the white part, but before you know it, it gets better on its own without you meeting an ophthalmologist to get it checked out. In fact, in 48 hours, a properly treated corneal scratch would have healed completely.

8. The Eyes Have The Strongest Muscles:

The eye though fragile has the muscles deemed to be the strongest in the body. Yes, the most powerfully built muscles in the body are located in the eyes. They move the eyes. The muscles of the eye work constantly as they are always moving to readjust the positions of the eye. For example in an hour of reading a book the eyes make nearly 10,000 coordinated movements. So trash your strong arms and legs as they are nothing to match up with the muscles in the eye that are much stronger.

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9. About 39 Million People in The World are Visually Impaired:

It is estimated by the World Health Organization that about 39 million people around the world are blind while more than 239 million people suffer from one visual impairment or the other. Thus, about 285 million people are estimated to be visually impaired worldwide while 39 million are blind and 246 are said to have low vision. But about 80% of all visual impairment can be prevented or cured according to WHO.

10. The Eyes are Very Fragile:

Despite the fact that the eye is the most important organ in the body and takes care of about 85% of the information any human would ever elicit, the eyes are so fragile that the eyeballs weigh only about 28 grams.