When a lady is getting married, it is always an honour for her female friends if they are asked to be her bride’s maid. Most ladies feel really excited to be in a wedding train, forgetting that the position comes with a lot of task. However, the task is not as enormous as it poses and can be achieved with adequate preparation for the D-day. This articles will guide every intending bride’s maid on commandments hat to do to be kept in order to make the fort coming wedding not just a huge success but a memorable one.

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1. Know Your Role as a Bride’s Maid


First things first, it will be nice if you don’t act like a bride when you are actually a bride’s honorable servant. Her comfort and happiness should be your priority, so try to do everything that is expected of you. This info graphics would guide you.

2. Pamper the Bride

bridesmaids (1)

It’s her occasion and her wedding, so the bride needs to be handled with care. It is best for the progress of the planning to agree with majority of the things she says but feel free to be honest when she asks for your sincere opinion on any issue.

3. Relate Well with Co-Bride’s Maids

You definitely will not be the only one on the train, so don’t frown when the bride introduces you to her other maids. Instead of being a snub at the bachelorette party, it will be more successful if you make acquaintance with the girls if you do not already know them.

4. Call More Often Than You Text

Research suggests that 80% of issues that arise during wedding preparations and the wedding itself can be avoided if people use phone calls to communicate instead of texting which can be mis-read or misinterpreted.

5. Watch Your Words

As the wedding draws near, the tension increases for everyone including the chickens that will be slaughtered for food. The bride would be the most stressed if she doesn’t have a wedding planner, so the best you can do is not annoy her with your words, but encourage her and make her laugh as often as you can.

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6. Go For Hair Trails


It is also advisable for bride’s maids to join the bride to the salon for several hair trails. This will reduce the chances of wearing a weird hair on the wedding day and also eliminates the possibility of having trial and errors on the hair style when the wedding is already started.

7. Make Sure All Dresses Fit

The bride’s dress is as important as the maid’s dress so be sure to get the right fittings before the wedding day, to avoid wearing either oversized or undersized dresses. Consider also that weight gain or loss during wedding preparation is inevitable depending on how you body absorbs and interprets stress.

8. Get Everything Ready

As a bride’s maid, it may not be your duty to book the reception venue, make sure the cake designer knows where to delivery the cake and all of that, but helping the bride to make final confirmations that everything is set for the wedding will be less risky than trying to find solutions to poorly planned wedding reception.

9. Drink Responsibly

While you are carried away with the excitement of the party, don’t attach your enthusiasm to the nearest bottle content. You will probably hate your selves when you watch the video to see how you stole the party and got popular for the wrong reason.

10. Carry An Emergency Kit


No one prays for thing to go wrong during the wedding but aim your self with a gadget that can salvage 99% of general mishap that can occur at the wedding. Furthermore there are some minor roles you should be ready to play as a bride’s maid and they are all captured in the infographics below.


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