If you think having deadly animals and mingling with them is one of the one thousand ways to die, then you might want to meet these 10 individuals. OK, it is certain that having  a dangerous animal as a pet could be seen as taking too much risk since the wild animal will not only feel hurt trying to familiarize with its new environment, it might also cause distress to the environment as well as neighbors around who will think they are being put at risk. But these 10 people think wild frightening animals are the best to mingle with. They cuddle with them, sleep with them, eat with them, and probably do chores with them. Get ready to gawk at the way they live compatibly with these deadly animals that shouldn’t be kept at home.



Krista loves snakes enough to handle any of them. As a matter of fact, to prove her obsession over snakes, she shares a roof with a 30 reptiles, including anacondas and a 12ft python. She began to love snakes after her father Jamie, 33, who is a snake specialist introduced snakes to her. She has been bitten a number of times but since the snakes are not venomous, Krista says the bites didn’t hurt her!

2. Mark Abbot Dumas and his Pet Agee – A Polar Bear.


Mark Abbot Dumas is an animal trainer and he has a polar beer as his pet. He plays, swims and spends a lot of his time with the 800-pound polar bear. He has been working with Agee the polar bear since she was a cub. He and his wife Dawn, own “Beyond Just Bears”, a company that trains animals for scenes in movies, television shows and advertisements. The pair have a combined 50 years experience working with animals on set. What is even more amazing is that, he dares the bear as can be seen in the picture above yet the bear never gives him a bite.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Mark said:  “If anyone else tried this they would end up as Agee’s dinner. The only people in the whole world she likes are me and my wife. I have worked with bears in this way for over 40 years, so I can read Agee’s body language and know how to behave safely around her.”

3. The Lion Man in South Africa


Kevin Richardson is a South African animal behaviorist who has worked extensively with native animals of Africa. Richardson went to college and studied zoology and has worked extensively with animals as a zoo keeper. He’s starred in many documentaries – feeding, sleeping, swimming, taking selfies, playing with and other doing unimaginable things you would never think of with very dangerous lions. He says he loves lions more than any other specie of animal.

4. Jessica The 3/4-Ton Hippopotamus


Some years ago, a game ranger discovered a dying newborn hippo on the lawn of his riverside home after it was washed up by a flood. He adopted and lovingly nursed her back to health and named her Jessica. A few years later, the frail animal grew bigger, gained a few pounds and now weighs three-quarters of a ton. The giant-sized hippo has not been taken to the wild. The reason is that she finds family too comfortable and all attempts to introduce her back to the wild have failed. Also, the “pet” owner is worried about releasing Jessica into her natural environment. He believes that she will either be attacked and killed by other hippos, or shot by local farmers trying to protect their animals and crops. He prefers seeing her wander around his home, drink coffee on the veranda, and hang out with the dogs.

5. The Snake That Keeps The House Safe


The name of the Cambodian boy in the picture is Uorn Sambath. He is obsessed with snakes and has been living with a female Burmese python snake right from his childhood in the village of Setbo in Cambodia. He loves to play with his 16-foot-long python and sleep with it. Sambath’s mother, Kim Kannara says that before he was born, she dreamt of a snake that would come to protect them. When Sambath was 3 months old, she discovered the reptile, coiled under the woven mat of their bed, about thumb sized then. His father, Khuorn Sam Ol said he took away the snake and let it go into the wild, but two weeks later, he discovered the snake back in his house. They both made up their minds to let it stay with them and the python grew up along with the boy. His  mother describes all this as a kind of movie

“People sometimes call the boy and the snake husband and wife,” says a neighbor. The little boy’s mum believes that the snake has a magical spirit that protects the family from sickness. Police officials once tried to take the snake to a zoo, but they relented after seeing the snake and the boy cuddling.

6. The Brazilian Man Who Lives With Tigers


A Brazilian man named Ary Borges saved two tigers from a travelling circus and fell in love with them. He adopted, nursed, cared for the two tigers, Guess what? The tiger man now lives with seven massive tigers in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is recently in a legal battle after officials told him to give up the animals claiming they pose a public threat. Ary lets the tigers sleep, eat, swim and play with his daughters and his other pets.

7. Hanging Out with Crocodiles


Most of us love and appreciate crocodiles but at a distance. However this is not the case with this crocodile trainer who trains crocodiles at samui crocodile farm in Thailand. Despite the size of the animals’ teeth, this trainer gets up close and personal with it. Together, they actually look like besties.

8. A Buffalo BFF


The African buffalo is highly regarded as the most dangerous animals to hunt as it kills more than 200 people every year. But Luke Michaelides, a South African teenager from Limpopo, South Africa, chose two buffalos as best friends. He plays with them every day, and his parents are scared each time they see him hanging out with them. Luke’s mother says a prayer so that her son stays safe.

9. Meet Another Snake Man

Snakes coming from mouth and nose: Snake Manu from Chennai performs during Kannada Cinema-75 celebrations Grounds in Bangalore on Tuesday. –KPN

Usually, people are so afraid of snakes and never want to go close to them but this man is not only fearless, he can also touch them and even put them in his mouth and nose!! Snake Manu as he is called is a 27-year-old man who inserts thin snakes through his nostrils and pulls them out through his mouth. He is as of yet a holder of the Guinness Book of Records for “Most worms eaten in 30 seconds” after eating 200 live worms. He once had a snake stuck in this throat and had to choose between being bit or biting it. He took the obvious decision of biting it. He says that his favorite snakes are the baby cobras because they are fast and poisonous… strange!

10. Bengali Tigers


Mike Tyson once had a number of Bengal tigers. He used to go out with them, get in their cage and play with them. Each tiger cost $70,000 to own, and another $200,000 to feed. If you’ve seen the movie ‘Hangover’ then you might recognize one of them .

These few people who can really love, play, cuddle, pet and regard dangerous animals as their best friends might be telling us that these deadly predators can become as gentle as your dogs and cats.