Life is too short for anyone to stay unhappy. A spouse can be all the spice needed to live a memorable and exciting life, while a healthy relationship can be that exuberant icing on the cake. Having a healthy relationship or marriage requires attention, which grows to the extent where both spouses are intentional about making the next person happy. However, apathy may gradually destroy a relationship, but intention will cause it to grow continuously.

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Ever wondered what happened to Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel, and all the other beauties and their charming princes? – They lived happily ever after. You too can build a world of reality without necessarily taking a cue from Disney characters. There are tiny daily routines couples can do that has the capacity of bringing the much-coveted happily-ever-after effect. Here they are:

1. Discuss Intimately

Communicating is a form of bonding. Having a real conversation at least once a day is enough to wipe away any form of misunderstanding. If you are bothered about something or have an objection to your partner’s opinion, talk, at least ten minutes of uninterrupted conversation will resolve every issue. This way, no one holds any grudge against the other and none will miss out on the other’s daily activities.

2. Always Kiss Goodbye and Hello


Kissing is a physical and emotional connection which serves as a reminder of the union between partners. Make it a habit that you plant one on those your partner’s lips before heading out to work, and another the moment you return. This may sound like a silly thing to do everyday but this tip is actually a powerful medicine to keep you two happy.

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3. Spend Time Together

Busyness is most times associated with lack of planning. Over the  years, people tend to live a fast paced life, and find it hard to create spare time for personal entertainment with their partners. Quality time doesn’t depend on the duration, but its worth. A fifteen minutes launch break with a spouse means a lot more than a full day with a boss. On weekends, you can extend the duration; See a movie together, go for grocery shopping together, mow the lawn together because you are better together. At night you can decide to sit outside and enjoy each other’s company under the sky.

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4. Call, Text or Email

While at work you can check up on your spouse. Call, text or email to give updates on how the day is going. You can discuss any needs and make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the schedule for the evening. With this, your spouse is reminded that s/he is always on your mind.

5. Hug and Cuddle

Studies have shown that cuddles and hugs, especially tight long ones are stress suppressors, they reduce blood pressure, and build trust between partners. Before you leave each other’s sight or when you are about going to bed, have an extended physical embrace to remind the body, soul and mind of your deep connection with this other person. By truly embracing every day, each partner feels more valued and loved. Research also shows that sniffing your partner while cuddling has a positive effect on the relationship.

6. Say The Three Magic Words


Expressing “I Love You” all the time may seem monotonous, but it never fails to do the magic. Uttering these magic words twice a day is sufficient, especially before going to work, and before dozing off. You and your partner know how much you care and love each other, so why fail to verbalize it? According to Boyzone “it’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away.”

7. Develop Common Interest

When two people share some common interests it breeds an avenue for trust and bonding. She may not be fond of his obsession with NFL, or he may not enjoy watching Desperate Housewives with her, but there are certain other things that you couples can do together, like cooking. The idea is to spend time together doing things that interest both of you.

8. Have a Sense of Humor


A good sense of humor might just be that thing keeping partners happy at all times. The man cracks the silliest of jokes at unexpected times, and she has the ability to make him laugh for hours too – that’s where the real happiness lies. Cracking jokes every now and then has a positive impact on a relationship, also laughing even at the lamest jokes on earth can increase the level of love between the partners.

9. Switch off Technology

Most of your time is spent at work. The other time is spent doing miscellaneous works, including eating and sleeping. So whatever leftover time you have, utilize it for each other. Stop browsing the internet, socializing in all respects, turn off the television, switch off your phones, and be connected with your partner face to face.

10. Display Public Affection

Happy couples enjoy PDA – Public Display of Affection. Walking while holding hands, a random hug while waiting on the signals, or a little kiss in the midst of people, goes a long way to make your spouse happy. Even the president of the United States understands the efficacy of this act – it brings enough entertainment to last for a whole day.

11. Plan The Future

Planning your futures can take two forms. One, you sit down with calendars, calculators, and note pads. Two, you have a deep and meaningful conversations on future plans for your lives together. You two are a team, and are expected to work like one. Make everything happen together, whether it is related to the children, sex life, career, or plans for buying a house. Planning makes your bond stronger and enriches your journey together.

12. Pray Together

A family that prays together, stays together. Not only will this remind you of the work of God in your life, it will also require you to know the specifics of your spouse’s day, commit it into the hands of your creator and wonder at his grace when everyday turns out well. Happy couples do not have the same character, what they have is a good understanding of their differences. It doesn’t take a lot of effort; these small gestures are enough to make any couple live happily ever after.

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