While most of us whine about a cold, fever or blocked nose, some other people walking this planet with us suffer from diseases that are strange and freaky. I mean the types of illnesses that only a sight of them can send chills down your spine. From worms emerging out of human’s body to human skin turning into the bark of a tree. Of course, they sound pretty strange and freaky but yes people suffer with these unbelievable illnesses. So as you go through this 12 oddly freaky disorders, think about those suffering from these conditions and count yourself blessed that the greater part of ailments you ever suffer are treated with some antibiotics and bed rest.

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Cotard’s Delusion – “Walking Corpse Syndrome”

Cotard’s-Delusion-Walking-Corpse -yndrome-1

Cotard’s Delusion is a rare mental illness which makes afflicted persons think that they are really dead and do not exist, either figuratively or literally. People with this disease deny that they are living, have blood, have kidney or any other internal organs. They hold onto the delusion that they are no longer walking the earth. The disease can make the afflicted person withdraw from the rest of the world overlooking their personal hygiene and personal health. They can even starve to death as they strongly believe they don’t need food. They also have delusions of immortality; after all a dead person can’t die again. Cotard’s delusion is thought to be caused by the part of the brain that identifies faces functioning improperly making afflicted not able to recognize their own face. As a result, they lose their sense of self and think they are dead. Treatment includes a series of anti-depressants and in serious cases, electroconvulsive therapy.

Foreign Accent Syndrome


This is an extremely rare disease caused by brain trauma that has resulted in neurological damage. The damage caused can affect a person’s speech and pitch which necessarily sounds like they are speaking their own language as a foreigner. Like an American waking up to have British accent or French accent. So if you are have been admiring and hoping to have a particular accent, this disease offers you the chance to. But keep in mind that it’s not all rosy because out of the 62 recorded cases of the syndrome, all of them have either suffered a stroke, head trauma or severe migraines, so it’s not something you should be hoping for.

Tree Man Syndrome


This disease makes its victim look like they are actually turning into trees. But they are warts and when they are exposed to sunlight they become more severe and eventually appear like tree bark. Persons with tree man syndrome formally called Epidermodysplasia verruciformis have skin that produces scaly papules resulting from hypersensitivity to HVP infections. About 80% of all humans have these infections but our immune systems deal with them with ease without allowing any symptoms. A Romanian man was starred on a discovery channel and according to reports, the man had been suffering from the disease; he had 13 lb of warts removed from his skin which include huge ‘horns’ which had grown on his hands. The warts started growing back soon after and the poor guy will need 2 surgeries every year to help reduce the warts. As of yet, the disease is incurable.

Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva


This disease is a disorder in which muscle tissue and connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments are slowly replaced by bone (ossified), forming bone outside the skeleton (extra-skeletal or heterotopic bone) making movement almost impossible. It is also called stone man syndrome; it’s one of the rarest conditions familiar to the medical world and there is no cure. Any form of trauma causes the muscle tissue to be replaced by bone. The only way to get rid of the extra bone growth is through surgery, sadly the trauma of surgery can make bone production grow, making the situation even worse. One man who had this disease donated his body to science when he died; at this point, his whole body had been fused together with extra bone growth.

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Porphyria – Vampire Syndrome


This disease is another rare, strange and freaky disease that it’s existence shocks us. When normal enzymes turns sunlight into Vitamin D, which helps heal UV damaged DNA using UV rays, like when we get sunburns, persons suffering with this syndrome have enzymes that are working abnormally. People with this disease avoid causing harm to their skin by staying out of the sun, much like a vampire. Porphyria causes extreme sensitivity to sunlight and is nicknamed vampire syndrome due to its symptoms that are very similar to what is defined in folklores.

African Trypanosomiasis


The ugly disorder is caused when one is bitten by Tse Tse The fly. The fly is a carrier of the parasite that infects the body over a period of weeks and months, steadily finding its way to the brain where it will cause death to anyone if it isn’t treated. The affliction makes its sufferers feel extreme pains mostly in their joints, feel confused and feverish with chronic headaches. Afflicted persons become more and more sick. Once the parasite gets to the brain, it alters the sleeping pattern of the sufferer making them fall asleep during the day and stay awake restlessly at night. If not treated, the sufferer will sleep one day and would find it hard to wake up, then settle into a coma and die. That is why the disease is dubbed ‘sleeping sickness’.

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Based on studies, a person with Progeria will have a body that looks exactly like that of an 80 year old by the time they are 15. That’s aging about five times faster than normal. Progeria causes it victims to appear tiny, unique, wrinkled, and hairless with a frail body and big head. It is alleged that people born with progeria hardly live past their early 20’s because their internal organs such as their kidney, heart, sometimes their eyes will stop working eventually. The frightening thing about this disease is that it makes aging manifest at an age earlier than it should. Studies say it can be caused by a random genetic disorder, meaning anyone has the potential of having a child with the disorder. Luckily enough, the world has recorded only a few verified cases at the moment, showing how rare the condition is. Researchers believe that understanding this affliction would help in solving the puzzle of the aging process.

Kuru Disease


This may sound funny but laughter can kill. Yes, you read it right. Kuru disease is a neurological syndrome that infects the brain and causes the inflicted to burst into uncontrollably laughter even in the face of depression. Sufferers of Kuru also have constant shakes, headaches, difficulty in swallowing, joint spasms, legs and arms pains and loss of control of their own body.

The disease is severe and at the moment has no cure. Humans can only contract the disease by feeding on the brain of another human  who has the disease. Tribal regions of Papa New Guinea are the only verified areas where the disease exists,  thanks to the tribe’s tradition of eating their relatives once they die.



No they are not the Na’vi from Avatar,this is a skin disorder characterized by the presence of a higher than normal level of methemoglobin (metHb, i.e. ferric [Fe3+] instead of ferrous [Fe2+] haemoglobin) in the blood. This disease causes the afflicted person’s haemoglobin to be low  with  high iron levels. This decreases the ability of red cells to release oxygen to tissues making the skin of the sufferer turn blue.

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Guinea Worm Disease


Also known as Dracunculiasis, Guinea worm disease is a horrific infection caused by guinea worm.  The parasitic affliction is contracted by drinking water that contains water fleas infected housing guinea worm larvae. The patient usually has no signs or knowledge that a worm is living inside of their body for a whole year. Afterwards, the person will start having painful feeling when the female worm begins to form a burning blister on either a leg or foot and will begin to come out from the skin. During this time, the afflicted person may find it  hard to walk or work. The female guinea worm which can be about 100 cm long takes literally weeks to  crawl its way out itching heavily. The relieving aspect of it is that, the disease rarely causes death and also, cases of guinea worm diseases have significantly declined from 3.5 million a year to fewer than 200.

Human Werewolf Syndrome – Shaving Just isn’t Enough


Officially called hypertrichosis, human werewolf syndrome primarily entails unusual hair growth over the whole body. This can be genetic and may manifest later in life. It can also be gotten from over-using anti-balding treatments.

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Lymphatic Filariasis


Well, not everybody gets fat for eating too much, some people do because of an illness. Lymphatic Filariasis also called elephantiasis is one of those kinds of illnesses. This strange and freaky disease is caused by the lymphatic vessels being blocked resulting in a person’s lower body swelling from the waist down. Over 40 million people suffer from this disease. The good thing is that there is medication available to help fend off this disease.