In a business environment everything has to be done to suit the standards of the business. Same goes for a school environment and  also the dining environment. Dinning etiquette is necessary to maintain an organized and acceptable manner while eating with others. These rules start from the moment you are in the dinning room, even before you take your seat. Table manners play an important part in making a favorable impression. They are visible signals of the state of our manners and therefore are essential to professional success. The point of etiquette rules is to make you feel comfortable while eating, not order-wise.

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This article will show you etiquette you thought you were getting right until now. You must have been doing a number of things the proper way on the table but a tiny mistake might ruin all your hard work. So read carefully as you scroll down this page and check the illustration pictures for easy understanding.

1. Dress Nice To Dinner

Men should wear jackets to dinner, if not a suit. Women should wear a dress or suit, and shoes instead of sandals.

2. Do Not Shake Open The Napkin

As soon as you are seated, remove the napkin from your place setting, unfold it, and put it in your lap. Do not shake it open. At the end of the meal, leave the napkin semi-folded at the left side of the place setting. It should not be crumpled or twisted, nor folded. Do not leave napkin on the chair.

3. Avoid Placing Phones, Keys, or Purse On The Table

The dinner table is made for food not gadgets, so look for some place to keep them safe aside the table.

4. Allow Your Guest To Order First

If the waiter is not aware who is a guest and who is the host, the host should make that clear to avoid confusion.

5. Wait Until Everyone On The Table is Served Before You Start To Eat


Don’t be in a hurry to bite off from your succulent looking lobster, it will still be on your plate if you wait. If you are a guest you wait for your host to start unless they insists that you start eating.

6. Bless The Food

Whatever your religion, it is necessary to say a word of thanks to the one who provided the meal and the person who prepared it.

7. Taste Your Meal Before Adding Salt or Pepper


Always taste your food before seasoning it. Usually the hostess has gone to a lot of work making sure the food served is delicious to her standards. It is very rude to add salt and pepper before tasting the food.

8. Always Pass The Salt and Pepper Together.

salt and pc

9. Do Not Talk While Eating

We are too familiar with this etiquette but we don’t always keep to it.

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10. Do Not Chew With Your Mouth Open

Its disgusting showing how your canines crush the bones of that chicken and mix it all up with your saliva, so close your mouth and chew.

11. Start With The Silverware Farthest From Your Plate


In case you are wondering what spoon to use for the appetizer this tip will help you – eat to your left and drink to your right. Start with the fork or spoon on the edges of your plate and work your way in, using one utensil for each course.The salad fork is on your outermost left, followed by your dinner fork. Your soup spoon is on your outermost right, followed by your beverage spoon, salad knife and dinner knife. Your dessert spoon and fork are above your plate or brought with dessert.Your water glass is the one above your knife in your place setting. You can use either the American or the Continental/European style. This first entails using the right hand for the knife and left hand for the folk, then after cutting the food switch fork to the right hand before eating. The second style does not involve switching.

12. Do Not Reach Across Table To Taste Someone’s Food

Do not try to play friends on the table with someone you don’t know very well, or if you’re at a formal business meal. If you’re with someone you know closely, pass them your bread plate with a little sample of food on it.

13. Serve Food From The left


Remember that while serving the food its starts from the left side of the table, while dishes are removed from the right.

14. Do Not Play With Chopsticks


The following are considered rude while using a chopstick: Placing your chopsticks on top of your bowl, rubbing your chopsticks together, and passing food from chopstick to chopstick. Also, Letting your chopsticks stand upright in your bowl is considered an offering to the dead.

15. After Meals Place Your Utensils Down


Do not abandon your fork and knife in the position it was after your last bite. Place it carefully in a rest position: cross the fork over the knife.

16. Do Not Pick Your Teeth On The Table

This is a table sin and is disgusting to watch. At the end of every meal thank the waiter, or host and compliment on the meal. Your compliments has to be positive, if you have nothing nice to say about the meal then say nothing.

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