In this age of selfies, even people in danger zones can get a little narcissistic. This time, everyone seemed to be daring in their selfies. People in positions that could typically make us shiver in fear conveniently bring out their smartphones to take selfies. This is a little unusual. Normally people take selfies especially when they are having a great time with themselves to get others craving for such fun. What is more unusual is that these people we could refer as being at the doldrums of death appear not to be frowning or frustrated by the obvious dangers surrounding them in the photos. Rather they are seen oozing out bright smiles that is probably saying we are cooler than you can imagine.

Meet the 16 people who placed their lives at risk in order to achieve the best selfies – they shared on Facebook, Instagram and many other social media outlets what left our jaws sweeping the floor. Some died right after taking the selfie while others live to tell the stories.

Volcano Selfie


People are always advised to keep off this fiery molten rock, even though Lava is adorable from a distance. But this extreme selfie artists head straight to the heat. This man, clad in a futuristic-looking suit (likely to keep from inhaling toxic gases), posed at the mouth of a bubbling volcano.

Bear Selfies:


The photo of this man who deemed it right to pose with the dangerous animal just a few feet behind him is another selfie that is certainly among the most deadly selfies in the world. Okay, Bear selfies are taking off in a big way and while these cute and cuddly animals may seem harmless, it’s right that hikers and campers keep in mind that they are actually dealing with wild animals.

Kevin Richardson


Kevin Richardson best knwon as ‘The Lion Whisperer’ in Johannesburg, South Africa, spent many years studying Zoology at the University, that he’s established some kind of respect among the animals there, understanding their behavior and needs, sharing closeness that could be seen as crazy, but this man seems to know exactly what he’s doing. Well, he is alive to tell the story after taking this daredevil photo. He had taken even more daring pictures with the lions. We hope they keep understanding each other.

James Crowlett


Meet James Crowlett, a 34-year-old-man who was on his honeymoon, and a few hours away from jetting home when the ocean beckoned him. His intention was to go for a quick dip, take a selfie underwater and show off to his friends. But had a dramatic turn of event as a deadly shark attacked him right after the selfie was taken. The photo was uploaded to his Facebook page automatically, and sadly that shark tore Crowlett’s leg off before lifeguards managed to get to him. He died on the way to the hospital after losing enormous quantities of blood.

Xenia Ignatyeva


Xenia Ignatyeva, 17, dumped her fears and climbed more than an 8.5m or 30 ft railway bridge with no safety harnesses. Just moments after this photo was taken she lost balance and fell to her death. All she wanted was to take a photograph of herself at night with the railway line in the background to exude “the most dramatic effect”. But got a deep fall and was electrocuted as she tried to hold onto some live cables.

Justine And The Camel


Justine was traveling through Perth, Australia and thought it would be amazing to take a selfie with a camel. As luck would have it, camels aren’t carnivorous. This could have ended in a bad way but Justin was in the good graces of luck and ended up having  a good number of stitches on her head because the camel took off a chunk of her head.

The Man Who Dared A Tornado


This guy decided to run close to the tornado for some incomprehensible reason. He was able to run with his life, but nevertheless his actions should never be tried. Selfie is not worth placing your life at risk for. In fact who do you want to impress with it?

The Cliff Jump Selfie


This woman would have been added to the list of people whose lives had been taken by daring selfies. She abandoned her fears and jumped off a cliff face, and plunged into the water.

Did He Survive That?


This man chose taking a selfie over running for his life. We can’t tell if he survived that forthcoming crash.

Another Shark Man


You might think that this shark jumped even further from the water to snatch this man’s head in its jaws right? That’s what happened in the other shark case I mentioned earlier but not the case with this man. This would have been best avoided if he did not have a smartphone to take selfies. There are things people think is worth risking their lives for but is selfie among?

Lee Jia Yao


Lee Jia Yao, 18, from Shanghai took a selfie of her last moments on earth and uploaded them to Instagram. She detailed the people of the world what’s behind her big decision, and promised to hunt the man who had broken her heart. When she was done typing her reasons, she jumped to her death.

Selfie After A Plane Crash


This man was in that plane in the background when it crashed into the ocean off Hawaii’s coast and he took a picture of himself in the water after the crash. One person died in the crash and it was Loretta Fuddy, the health director who verified the authenticity of US President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Mystery Selfie


Information concerning how this situation occurred has not been approved or denied for the first time.

Selfie With None Other Than The Cobra


This woman was bitten by a Cobra while taking a selfie. A man reportedly offering tourists in Russia the chance to have their photo taken with the deadly snake may have lured her into trying the deadly selfie. The man has been arrested amid claims.

The Daring Tee


This Teen in the smaller picture above died right after uploading that Photo For a Selfie Game.

Smiling At The Camera With Some Bulls


It appears capturing a cool selfie could also mean getting trampled to death by angry bulls. This snap shows one runner holding his camera phone high.