wind blew in the wrong direction

While winds can get too crazy or tricky sometimes, there are times they seem to be inflicting instant karma on those who probably got them angry without even knowing it. Therefore, as we leave summer, it will be nice to remind us of what is to come flying our way just so we prepare ahead of time to take actions with these 20 pictures that show times the wind was truly our arch-enemy.

Uh Oh

times wind blew in wrong direction 5

This woman has just learned the hard way how unfriendly and unkind the wind can be. No matter how much effort she puts, her dress can’t help but bow to the angry wind. Next time, she won’t underestimate the wind. Time to start wearing shorts underneath your dresses.

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Back, Back, And Away

times wind blew in wrong direction 11

We are not sure this happened but sometimes the wind gets too courageous and lets humans feel its wrath so they don’t forget they are mere mortals. Just see how the force of nature literally whisked this man away. What did he do wrong? Perfectly timed though the landing will definitely not be perfect…ouch!

Rising Grass

times wind blew in wrong direction 16

Apparently, the wind was probably thinking the grass is greener at the neighbor’s backyard and chose to pull it off to a better place.

Benny The Spaniel

times wind blew in wrong direction 13

“I can’t just handle this wind today but I am not leaving this beach for anywhere else” This is possibly what this dog is thinking. It’s getting the best of the beach and no matter how much windy it gets, it chooses to shiver in cold rather than missing out on the fun here. It sure needs its fur combed out slightly.

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Hay Bales Moved

times wind blew in wrong direction 18

If you love farming or ever watched people farm, you will know how hard it is to move a hay bale. Nonetheless, the wind swooped off these probably moved ones to different directions. We doubt the farmers will love this unless they don’t need to drag them all back to their original places, that would take forever.

Adorable Dogs In Love

times wind blew in wrong direction 10

Nothing  is too cute to be spared when the wind wants to let loose its fury. Imagine interrupting these two adorable Pomeranian dogs who were probably planning a honeymoon trip only to find themselves struggling to retain their balance.  So disrespectful!

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Jessica Chastain Turns Jimmy Neutron

times wind blew in wrong direction 7

Jessica Chastain’s hair is going all the way up to heaven after the wind unleashed its wrath on it. Reminds us of Jimmy Neutron and we all love Jimmy. I feel she’ll never forget to wear a hat or some hair clips or headbands or something to keep her hair in place.

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Chocolate Fondue

times wind blew in wrong direction 14

The wind thought it was rude not to have been one of the guests at this event and out of anger, splashed the chocolate fondue in all directions. How could you not have considered the wind when you want to celebrate with fondue?


times wind blew in wrong direction 6

This woman was totally absorbed in a conversation with another person we can’t see and didn’t notice that her dress has been battered by a high-speed wind. Some were fast enough to take out their cameras and photograph the incident.

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It’s Your World

 times wind blew in wrong direction 12

Who doesn’t like to be around loved ones while watching a beautiful sight of nature? But next time, do yourself a favor and smooth down your skirt in the back before sitting down. She seems unaware of what’s happening behind her. Seems she likes the cold bench against her booty. Enjoy then!

Fly Away

times wind blew in wrong direction -1

This guy obviously guessed there would be a downpour and prepared to hide under his umbrella when that happens. Little did he know the umbrella would turn into a parachute and take him up rather than shielding him from the rain. Hope he descended slowly though it doesn’t look like he did.

Bowing Tree

times wind blew in wrong direction 15

How about bowing to the strong wind? At least that can make it pass peacefully. Smart tree!

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Flipped Limo

times wind blew in wrong direction 8

The wind thought this limousine had some treasure hidden in it and then rolled it over to make it empty everything it had. Sadly, there was nothing in it and amazingly nobody was in the car at the time.

Venus Visits Mars

times wind blew in wrong direction 9

Venus is a tricky, tough and a pro tennis player who loves to play aggressively, therefore the wind needed as much force as her strength to rob her sportswear away. While her head was fully in the game, the wind gave her outfit a ride to Mars to holiday without her. Happy stay little one, the player can’t be moved!

First Date

wind blew in the wrong direction - 1

Yes, you’re on an exclusive date with a special someone and we understand your eagerness to please him. But always, don’t forget to guard your dress next time. The guy’s face is not visible but we’re sure he had a good laugh over this one.

Mimicking The Birds

times wind blew in wrong direction 4

It’s fun to learn how to fly using your coat as a pair of wings but make sure you are not caught up by some violent winds…..easy landing with face down.

The Superpowers of The World

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (L), US President Barack Obama (2nd L), US First Lady Michelle Obama (3rd R) and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh (2nd R) watch a Guard of Honour at Buckingham Palace, in central London, on May 24, 2011. US President Barack Obama Tuesday basked in the lavish royal pageantry of a state visit to Britain, given an extra dash of glamour by a brief encounter with Prince William and his bride Catherine. But the 24-hour demands that follow a US president everywhere shadowed the London pomp, as Obama took time out to say he was "heartbroken" at the toll of vicious tornados which ripped across the US midwest, killing 116 people. AFP PHOTO / LEON NEAL

A gust of wind wanted to try out the hat of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II along with First Lady Michelle Obama dress and hair. Why does it look like it is only attacking the women? Must be a handsome wind.


times wind blew in wrong direction -2
The wind can be so unpredictable when it blows in full force. It can decide to unleash its fierceness on anybody including a woman in mid-shopping spree with half undies. But, she obviously looks like she doesn’t give a sh*t, plus her hands are full. Hopefully, she bought some undies with a little more coverage.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton



Even the Dutchess sometimes forgets to wear undies with more coverage in windy settings.

Where Are All Your Pants?

wind blew in the wrong direction

She probably doesn’t have any and the wind saw the need to expose her