Sometimes we watch smart little kids their strange performance and most of the times their latest tricks. It could be the way they slip into their little shoes or how they dress up all by their self or even the way  they flash all cute tiny 8 or fewer teeth at us when they seem happy. But how about smarter kids who know how well to express their emotion. It’s simply that she started talking early, or that she wrote her name when others her age could barely wield a crayon. But other times…it’s that she was herself and cannot be called another. The kid has is curious intuitive and natural maturity that makes her stand out.

Now, this toddler in this video may appear quite little, but really knows how to express her the most. Yes aunt used a bad word and thought she could easily get away with it…Guess what, this little child gave her some piece of her mind.

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She will not only make you laugh but also will make you ponder why kids can’t just be kids anymore. Yes she only proves the things we observe nowadays when you step into any playground. In case you are wondering what is it we always see in children’s playground recently, we definitely see how much competitiveness that seems to have gripped every part of the playground because kids now are smarter than they used to.

Dont get me wrong, but  Eric Palonen’s two-year-old daughter, Josie, is a diva in training and a smart one at that. This video of this little girl dishing out her feelings was made by her proud father while she was scolding her aunt, demonstrating her prim and proper attitude in the making. She really made me understand that you can learn from human being of any age. She really made her aunt understand the gravity of using such bad word.  In fact she points out her anger and fury giving reasons for her action.

Just watch the  video below, and you would see Josie lets everyone know that she is quite sad and guess what, it was for a good reason: Aunt Mimi used the word “poop,” which is a “bad word” and with no place in conversation, based on the perception of the little Josie. If kids would do this all the time, I guess we will have a lot to learn from them. …..Go on, little cute Josie teach more moral.

The way she moves her arms in demonstration is just surprising and admirable. Of course her arm movements are just precious when she talks and speaks out exactly how she felt about what her aunt said. Indeed she made me fall in love with her sense of expression especially  how she has this whole thing well planned out. She’s going to go home, have a rest, and then get upset!…it is simply just so sweet. You could have imagined this cute little child would be this mad in this funny kind of way?