This awesome Horse has been in the news recently and, as with anything topical and a little bit scandalous, would-be people have been talking much about it…perhaps they are confused about its size and appearance. Yes, they really don’t understand why she is impossibly small for a horse. Yea, but while some find its size adorable, cute and unique some others think everything about its body is just not normal and as such see him as a deformed animal. Well, here is good news, there are plenty of children who dream having their own pony or horse someday.

So after they get to see Thumbelina, the dwarfed, miniature horse, she will be the only horse they want to call their own. As you might expect, this stunning little horse is recorded as the smallest horse in the entire world and has galloped his way into the embrace and heart of those who have met her including those she visits at children’s hospitals. So get ready to fall in love with this small creature because she is bound to make you do. Doubting? Okay, Check out her touching story just below, only then will you agree with me.

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Meet Thumbelina, the cute little horse who was born on May 1, 2001, to two miniature horse parents.

World's Smallest Horse Visits New York City


Recently, she lives at Goose Creek Farm in St. Louis, Missouri, where she runs, plays and feeds, in fact you are right to call it her comfort zone and is taken care of by Paul, Kay, and Michael Goessling.


Now, meet the owner and handler Michael Goessling where he and Thumbelina are meeting a new friend.

World's Smallest Horse Visits New York City

The small baby stands at 17.5 inches tall and weighs only 57 pounds, which makes her the tiniest horse in the entire world.

World's Smallest Horse Visits New York City

Here is Thumbelina standing tall with one of the world’s tallest horses…..see how little she is while standing close to this tall horse. Incredibly tiny right?


Sadly, she was born with dwarfism, a very rare condition that isn’t bred. Have a close look at her foot, you will notice she has a shoe on it right? Now, because she has some issues walking, she was given special shoes that help her run or do all the horse gallop and also to play with all the other small horses she resides with. And apart from needing special shoes, Thumbelina is a healthy and strong horse.

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Amazingly, she is a star for her size and has greased the heart of many…..she does like chewing on carrots and apples a lot. Yes, she made the Guinness book of records in 2006 as the smallest horse in the world.

World's Smallest Horse Visits New York City

And the sweet thing about this horse is that she does charity, visiting thousands of children in hospitals and clinics all the United States



Now you will agree with me that Thumbelina is beyond cute and amazing. So she is worthy of the attention and love being showered on her lately. A little unique and adorable horse like her deserves all the love to say the least. Or don’t you think so? Tell Us What You think In The comment Section Below.

Image source: (Viralnova)