Trump’s Inauguration

Social media is awash with photos from President Donald Trump’s inauguration and as you likely know, some are highly hilarious while others are downright awkward with Melania being much of a discussion point as Trump himself.

Well, inauguration day can be nerve-racking, especially if it’s you or your partner who is being sworn-in. That’s probably the only explanation of the supposed awkwardness between President Donald Trump and his wife Melania. Check the photos from Trump’s inauguration and judge for yourself whether or not we should feel sorry for Melania

Friendly  Kiss

most-awkward-moments from Trump's inauguration day

This is the president trying to plant a kiss on Michelle’s cheeks but it looks to me like he was forcing it. Plus, he kind of missed the cheeks.

Jim Face
most-awkward-moments from Trump's inauguration day-02

Here, Melania hands over a gift to her predecessor who was seemingly trying to figure out why she was gifted. Well, nobody is sure what was in the box but the world thinks she packaged back Michelle’s speech which she had plagiarised.

Sad Face

most-awkward-moments from Trump's inauguration day-4

Here Melania seems to be making a plan for an escape realising that Trump doesn’t appreciate her. She doesn’t seem happy about it all and was probably thinking of how to break out of all the torture, sadness, and bail out or betray him. But they have been together for 17 years so why now? On the other hand, it could be that she was bored of everything since being the First lady entails more than walking the runway or being the CoverGirl.

Air Kiss?

This moment the President and First Lady kissed standing far apart from touching each other like they were strangers moving into separate states. Maybe Trump got makeup and she was hiding from getting some orange spots. We wonder what happens in their bedroom when they kiss like this in public. Phew…we don’t want to know!

Hand Or Hug?

most-awkward-moments from Trump's inauguration day-18

Melania’s first instinct was to shake hands while Michelle’s was to hug. Is it nice for ladies to shake hands? This is just a glance of the change that has come to our country!

Barron Trump Hates To Maintain A Family Grip


It appears Barron Trump could no longer stand it. He slips his hands from the sweet clasp of his mum and chose to walk through Washington DC on his own as he felt the eyes of the world baring down on him.

Poor Lady

melania-reaction during trump's inauguartion-1

Melania looks beyond stressed out here. It now seems all too real that something was wrong. Well, she knows better than anyone though it appears reality was setting in the more as the inauguration went on. Thinking of getting away? Possibly!

Conceiving Evil?

most-awkward-moments from Trump's inauguration day-19

It could be that she was tired or like we said, simply stressed out, but the bottom line is, whatever was going on that day, we’ll likely never know.

What’s She Thinking Again?

most-awkward-moments from Trump's inauguration day-17

Here is Ivanka Trump all excited for her dad but we can’t say the same for Melania. Maybe that’s how she looks when she gets too excited!

Fake Smile

most-awkward-moments from Trump's inauguration day-7

This the moment during the inauguration when Reverend Franklin Graham was acknowledging the rain then Trump turns back to his wife and makes a comment she smiles and nods. However, shortly, she scowled as he turns back around. Just see the next photo and video.

most-awkward-moments from Trump's inauguration day-9

Blame It On Optic Illusion

epa05734998 US First Lady Michelle Obama kisses Melania Trump as US President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald J. Trump look on at the White House before the inauguration in Washington, DC, USA, 20 January 2017. Trump won the 08 November 2016 election to become the next US President. EPA/KEVIN DIETSCH / POOL EPA/KEVIN DIETSCH / POOL

Oh no, they weren’t about to kiss each other on the lips. It’s just an optic illusion that made it seem the two men were watching with enthusiasm as the two ladies come for each other passionately.

Trying Not To Sleep

most-awkward-moments from Trump's inauguration day-5

Another awkward moment came just after when Barron Trump was spotted yawning during his dad’s swearing-in ceremony. The sleepy-eyed schoolboy appeared to be struggling to stay awake during the historic inauguration.

Death Of Chivalry

Melenia left behind by Trump-1

The president knew Melanie is a strong woman. Strong enough to walk herself up the stairs and so didn’t see the point in waiting. Or maybe he was rushing to get the keys from the Obamas before they make a run for it, who knows?

Stay With Them While I Make Sure The Keys Are Complete

melania-reaction during trump's inauguartion-2

Again, Trumps leaves his wife behind, and clearly left the Obamas to do his job. What happened to Chivalry?

We can’t forget this moment of course during their inauguration dance where Melania looked more than slightly uncomfortable on several ocasions. 

melania-reaction during trump's inauguartion-3


And finally here is Hillary Clinton arriving in time for Trump’s inauguration

While different people have different opinions about the clip with some using it to describe their own feelings about the Trump Presidency, Body language experts were quick to give their opinion, with one suggesting that “Melania is an object to [Mr Trump].”

“I don’t see any warmth or true love and compassion in that relationship whatsoever,” said Susan Constantine, an expert in body language who has experience training lawyers and even US government departments. “If you didn’t know that they were married, you wouldn’t know that they are married.”