National Geographic 2016 Traveler Photographer contest

National Geographic has been showing the world’s beauty and its amazing places in videos, writings and photographs – bringing the world closer to us. The Magazine and TV channel has also through its yearly Traveler Photographer of the Year contest, given upcoming photographers the chance to show their talents. This year’s contest which allows non-professionals and those who don’t work for the brand to showcase their works and get rewards for them has been conducted and the winners announced. Thus, here are the photos that may forever be on our minds.

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As you may expect, they are bound to make your jaw drop:

“Divide” by Kathleen Dolmatch (USA)


Kathleen Dolmatch captures the two worlds – the architecture and Central Park – as they exist side by side from a doorless helicopter looking south on Central Park West. The picture which shows the beautiful natural scenery and architecture was taken on Kathleen’s birthday. Priceless birthday gift!

“Silenced” by Wing Ka H. (China)


The photo shows school hostel of South China Norma University. A lot of washing and drying of clothes in the sun apparently go on well enough here. The photographer took the picture in Guangzhou, China. The picture also won the second place.

“Winter Horseman” by Anthony Lau (Mongolia)


The photographer who captured the winter horseman wrote that the winter in Inner Mongolia when this was taken was hugely harsh  with a freezing temperature of minus twenty and lower, as well as a steady breeze of snow from all directions. But he had to convince himself to come out of his car and take the shot.

“Wherever You Go, I Will Follow” by Hiroki Inoue (Japan)


These loved-up foxes seem to be enjoying their honeymoon. The photographer took the picture immediately after sunset when he supposedly heard a soft-spoken voice saying  “Wherever you go, I will follow you”.  The picture won the first place in the competition.

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“Rooftop Dreams, Varanasi” by Yasmin Mund (India)


Yasmin was putting up at a guest house in Varanasi, India when she caught sight of a beautiful scene. The photographer without conscious thought scaled up 7 sets of stairs to the rooftop which was seemingly the highest in the region to have a look at the sunrise over the historic Gnager River.  But she saw more than what she had expected when her eyes moved to the right-hand side of the balcony; a beautiful scene of families – mother, sons, daughters, siblings all napping on their roofless home. The photo was also named the second place winner in the competition. Quite stunning!

“Ben Youssef” by Takashi Nakagawa (Morocco)


This perfectly timed photo of famous Ben Youssef madrassa in Marrakech, Morocco was taken by a photographer who had waited for a long time to capture the reflective moment. Takash wrote that the spot experienced some rare calmness when the shot was taken even though there were many people outside the street of Marrakesh. It was also named the first place winner in the competition.

“Double Trapping” by Massimiliano Bencivenni (Brazil)


This photo won the second place in the competition and it was taken in the Brazilian Pantanal along the Rio Negrinho by Massimiliano Bencivenni.

The photographer captured the stunning picture of one of many predators in the river that suddenly sunk to grab a meal. According to the photographer, the whole thing lasted only a fraction of a moment.

“Lagunas Baltinache” by Victor Lima (Chile)



The photographer of this remarkable shot of Atacama Desert is the third place winner. Victor Lima said he went out on a lone journey to the desert to find images of the driest desert in the world that was not yet published and something in the contrast. Turns out the lone tour paid off as the photo is really breathtaking.

“Remote Life” by Mattia Passarini (India)


Can’t an old woman get some warmth? This woman holds dearly a log that would warm up her home in the remote village of Himachal Pradesh.

“Celestial Reverie” by Jeremy Tan (Malaysia)


Jeremy took this picture during a thunderstorm just when lightning apparently struck Komtar Tower which is the most iconic landmark of George Town, the capital of Penang state in Malaysia. To the photographer, the picture represents the revitalisation of the city, known for a unique blend of centuries-old structures and modern structures.

“Bears on a Berg” by John Rollins (Canadian Arctic)


John Collins wrote: “To me, the relative smallness of these large creatures when compared to the immensity of the iceberg in the photo, represents the precariousness of the polar bear’s reliance on the sea and sea ice for its existence.”

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“Muscle Beach Gym” by Dotan Saguy (USA)


The iconic Muscle Beach Gym in Venice Beach, California.