see uey is Thailand's most notorious serial killer

Imagine a man who’s so terrifying that he became an imaginary evil spirit in folk tales, used to typically frighten children in Bangkok. In the 1960s, many parents in Thailand cautioned their children strongly not to stay out late or be disobedient, threatening that the ghost of See Uey will eat them if they did.

Known as Thailand’s most notorious serial killer, See Uey used to be a normal man until the Japanese invaded the island of Hainan in 1939.

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Then, the Chinese soldier See Uey Sae Ung, aka Si Oui was among the soldiers that battled them out. It was via the evil-doings of the war that many believed Si Oui transformed from human to a beast.


As a result, See Uey ordered his military commanders to make their troops eat the livers of the enemy soldiers to take over their strength and power.

By the same token,  See Uey gobbled on the organs of his enemies.

The boogeyman and other soldiers chose the liver over any other part because civilisations believed that the liver was the center of life of the body and was known to revive life.

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Therefore, on the battlefield, slashing out the liver of your enemy and eating them is believed to dehumanised them and strengthen the eater.

Later on,  Si Oui relocated to Thailand in 1944 where he served as a rickshaw driver. There, he transformed fully into a monster, choking and then eating the hearts and livers of more than a dozen male children.

The Chinese immigrant believed the childrens’ hearts made him stronger and immortal.

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However, in 1958, Si Oui was caught by a young boy’s father as he set the boy’s body on fire to clean up all possible evidence.

Promptly, Si Oui got arrested and he  gave a very hair-raising confession that made the blood of Thailand run cold.

He narrated how he would choke his victims to death and how he would stab them in the throat, cut open their chests, and eat their hearts and livers.


Generally, serial killers are usually convicted of their notorious crimes and their punishments usually end there. But not for unrepentant Si Oui as Thai government assigned the most strange fate to their country’s most infamous killer.

He was hanged to death but the final resting place of child killer See Uey Sae Ung, better known as Si Quey, isn’t a coffin or urn like most other people.

His harrowing remains was immortalised and now live inside a glass case for the world to see at the Songkran Niyomsane Forensic Medicine Museum, which is part of the Siriraj Medical Museum or “Museum of Death.”

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The Thai government filled his remains with paraffin wax to preserve it as a mummy forever.

Currently, people are allowed to get up close and personal with the Thailand most notorious serial killer who in its unsettling and odd state.

Though he’s less of a man now and more like a corpse-sized candle, I am glad that all of America’s serial killers are not treated the same way. If they were, the mummies will need more than one museum to fit in.