Have you ever taken the usual saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ very seriously”? If you hadn’t held on strongly to it, I bet this video will make you have a change of mind. Prodijig, a group of dancers with big dreams, who participated in Got To Dance 3 and got the 500,000 dollars grand prize (or something like that, anyway) will definitely make you do that adjustment.

Really I can’t remember the last time I heard about anyone being astonished by tap dancing. You could definitely see the faces of the audience and judges read “Are you alright” when this group first came on the stage to perform only to be shocked afterwards by their great performance.

The dance group really modernized tap dance and it really came out awesome. Their tap dancing skill and dynamic style will definitely blow your mind away….what a dazzling performance!

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Imagine a feeling you get when you were never comfortable with whatever it is someone was doing and suddenly you get wildly amazed and even wish for more, that’s just what this dancing group have done in the video below.

Although, it takes talent and skill, but in a world where hip-hop and break dancing reigns supreme, the notion of seeing tap dancers might feel a bit old-fashioned or outdated.

Just press the “chance bottom” first for the wonderful performers in tap group Prodijig before you reject tap dancing again.

You’ll not only be astonished, surprised, delighted, and amazed by the quality and range of styles in their modern tap performance, but you’ll see that the judges were, too. Watch and see for yourself.

This definitely goes to show you the incredible ability of anybody to throw up surprises and points out why you shouldn’t form an opinion unless you give it a chance. The classics never go out of style and never ceases to amaze the judges. You can  bring up to date just about any form of dance to showcase it to a present-day audience. That’s exactly what this group, Prodijig, has done, and it’s amazing.

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