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If you are well-acquainted with the National Geographic Channel documentary series titled Life Below Zero, then you’d certainly remember Chip Hailstone, who is one of the stars of the show. Alongside his partner, Agnes Hailstone, they live with their seven children on the Kobuko River situated in the Arctic region of Northwestern Alaska. The couple has been living in the cold atmosphere of Alaska having little or no modern facilities. They solely depend on farming, fishing, and hunting to sustain themselves. Learn more about Chip below – why he chose to be living a primitive life in this modern day era. Also, find out if he is dead or still in jail.

Who is Chip Hailstone?

Chip Hailstone is an American media personality and one of the stars of the National Geographic Channel’s series titled Life Below Zero. Born Edward V. Hailstone in Kalispell, Montana on March 5, 1969. Chip was raised by his mother, Mary Lois Hailstone and her husband, Daniel Franklin Hailstone. While he was growing, he learned craft-making and hunting skills from his father. There is no much information pertaining to his childhood and it’s hard to ascertain if he has other siblings or not. Similarly, there’s no record of his educational background anywhere on the internet.

Hailstone left his native Montana and moved to Alaska in 1988, at the time he was nineteen years old. While in Alaska, he settled in Noorvik City located on the Kobuk River; there he took up farming, hunting, and fishing as a means of survival. In addition to that, Hailstone also met the love of his life, Agnes, who is an Alaskan native as well as a fellow hunter. Born in Inupiaq in 1972, Agnes grew up in Noorvik, Alaska. Seeing the connection between them, the duo became romantically involved with each other. Later on, they became partners for life. Together they have five children – Caroline, Mary, Qutan, Tinmiaq, and Iriqtaq.

Prior to her marriage to Hailstone, Agnes was previously married and she had two sons named Douglas Carter and Jon from the marriage. Her two older children are accomplished hunters as well; Douglas is married to a lady named Gloria Iyantunguk and they are blessed with five children. They currently reside in Deering, Alaska, while Jon, on the other hand, also lives in Alaska with his family.

Hailstone’s first child Iriqtaq is good in athletics and she participated in several athletic competitions while at the college before she graduated in 2015. Iriqtaq is married and she resides in Ambler town situated on the North bank of Kobuk River with her husband. They have an adorable daughter whom they welcomed in 2016.

Life Below Zero and Rise To Prominence

chip hailstone
Chip and his wife Agnes Hailstone

In 2013, Chip Hailstone and other residents of the remote areas in Alaska including Sue Aikens, and Jessie Holmes was approached by the BBC who offered to start a documentary series that will show the whole world what life is like for them and how they survive on a daily basis. That, however, was the origin of the series titled Life Below Zero, the series premiered on May 19, 2013, and it airs of National Geographic Channel.

The documentary series has kept The Hailstones’ and other families in the remote areas of Alaska in the limelight for a long while; showcasing how they employ various means such as hunting, farming, and fishing to survive. Hailstone and his family has lived in Noorvik for over two decades and never had the opportunity of using modern facilities to meet their daily needs.

Additionally, the show has been nominated for four Emmy Awards out of which it has won two. During the 68th Primetime Creative Arts Awards; the series won an Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography for a Reality Series in 2016. The following year, the show also won another Emmy Award for Outstanding Picture Editing.

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What Happened to Chip Hailstone, Is He Dead or in Jail?

If you are a huge fan of Life Below Zero; you’d notice the absence of Chip Hailstone from the series for a while now. The cause of his absence has not been known by most of his fans; some thought the star hunter is dead while others think he is in jail. What do you think? Well, the answer to that is not farfetched; Hailstone is very much alive and not dead, although he is currently serving a sentence in jail. He was incarcerated in July 2017 following alleged false statements he made to the police back in 2011.

Hailstone made the statements in July 2011 against a state trooper named Blitz. He alleged that the trooper was forcefully taking advantage of his underaged daughter Tingmaq who was seventeen at the time. He also mentioned in his statement that the trooper also pointed a gun at his daughter after a confrontation with her older brother. He also filled for and got a restraining order against Blitz.

While in court, Blitz’s fellow trooper named Young was able to testify that the evidence provided by Chip Hailstone are false and that Blitz is innocent of the alleged crimes. However, since Hailstone didn’t have substantial evidence to support his claims; he was found guilty and was convicted of a felony. Hailstone was placed to 15 months incarceration from July 2017 to October 2018.