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Ever seen the history channel series titled Counting Cars? If you have, then you’d certainly know Danny Koker aka ‘Danny the Count’ who is the star of the show. The show revolves around his daily activities at his automobile restoration and Customization Shop called Count’s Kustom. Asides from the show, the multi-talented star is also notable for being the lead singer of the Las Vegas-based band group known as Count’s 77.

Prior to his Counting Cars show, Danny made recurring appearances on the Pawn Stars and its spinoff titled American Restoration. His show has featured many stars including his Pawn Star co-stars Austin Chumlee Russell, Rick Harrison, Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr., and Corey Harrison, among others. Danny is happily married to the gorgeous Korie Koker. Read on, as we take you through Danny Koker’s bio, career, wife, and kids. Also, find out if he is dead or still alive below.

Danny Koker Bio (Age)

Born Daniel Nicholas Koker II in Cleveland, Ohio on January 5, 1964, Danny grew up partly in Cleveland and Detroit, Michigan. His father worked as an executive at the famous automobile company called Ford Motor Company. He also had his own automobile biz from where Danny got his car restoration and customization skills.

His musical career was inspired by his father and uncle named Aswell, who is also a successful songwriter and musician. Koker started performing on stage when he was eleven years old and often toured alongside his uncle’s band group called the Rex Humbard Singers. He hasn’t shared any information regarding his educational background.


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His obsession for automobile creativity made him relocate to Las Vegas during the late ‘80s. There, he started his car restoration and customization company called Count’s Kustom where he scouts for, buys and transforms old motorcycles; as well as muscle cars which will attract several buyers in return. Danny doesn’t deal with new cars; rather he prefers the old muscle cars and motorcycles.

After a few years, Danny started featuring on the History Channel’s series titled Pawn Stars as a restoration expert in 2009. He also played a recurring role in the Pawn Stars spinoff titled American Restoration. Later on, he created his own television series titled Counting Cars. The show is a 22-minute segment show produced by Leftfield pictures; it premiered on August 13, 2012, and is currently on the 7th season. Through the show, Koker rose to prominence and he currently has millions of fans around the world. He has appeared on other television programs such as Saturday Fright at the Movies, and B-Movie showcase, among others.

In addition to his automobile company in Las Vegas, Danny Koker also owns a tattoo company situated inside the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. He is a part-owner of the local independent station called KVCW; as well as, Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill. He is also the lead vocalist of the rock band Count’s 77.

Who is His Wife (Korie)? Kids

Danny Koker is happily married to Korie Fera Koker, a multi-talented businesswoman and co-founder of the popular restaurant called Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill. While Danny has been in the limelight for a long while, there is little or less information about his gorgeous wife. She was born on August 8, 1965, and she grew up in Chicago where she completed her high school and college education. She has a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting. Soon after her graduation, the gorgeous lady first started her career working as a camera operator and production coordinator for a local television station.  Just like her husband, Korie is also a music lover and a talented singer; she formed a short-lived all-female band group which ceases to exist soon after her marriage to the television star.

Korie and Danny met in Nevada, Las Vegas several years ago and had been in a long-term relationship. After a few years, the duo tied the knot in a small wedding ceremony and has been together for over fifteen years. The amazing couple has been in several business partnerships together and they both founded the Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill where Korie has been working as the talent manager till now. Korie oversees the constant scheduling of live performances in the bar. The bar has featured several rock and roll bands including her husband’s Count’s 77.  While Korie is doing well as the front-liner of the business, she has been getting all the support she needs from her loving husband.

Additionally, the couple has been enjoying a blissful married life and there is no sign of divorce or marital issues between them. They don’t have kids yet but might have plans of having them in the near feature. They are both focused on reaching the climax of their respective careers.

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Is He Dead or Alive?

Being mixed up in a death hoax isn’t a new thing; many famous celebrities have been involved in such controversies and Danny Koke isn’t an exception. In 2008, there were speculations everywhere that the Counting Cars star is dead. The rumor began when his namesake – Daniel Nicholas Koker I – kicked the bucket. Since they both share the same name, many of his fans thought it was Danny that died. Later on, the rumors died off; the star has continued to make appearances on the Counting Cars show till date.