While growing up you must have had formal education about rocks, whether, countries, difference between male and female, but no school taught you about the three lettered word that rules the world aside money and love. Sex is a very controversial topic that even parents don’t dare to talk about it with their kids. There are many things about sex that most people never knew about until they encountered it. You do not have to wait for sex related issues to happen to you before you learn about it. Your body can be strangely fascinated when you do not understand some certain things about sex. This article gives facts about sex  that every adult should know about. Read On!

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1. Men who are deprived of sleep are more likely to believe that women want to have sex with them.

2. If a female ferret does not have sex for a year, she will die. For humans not having sex for a long time does not kill, but the anticipation and waiting can kill emotionally.

3. Women are more willing to commit adultery during their ovulation than at any other time throughout their cycle.

4. People who are into kinkier sex may be psychologically healthier.

5. Most teenagers lose their virginity by age 17, but those who have not lost their virginity by 24 tend to stay a virgin until they get married.

6. Eating ginger elevates your heart rate and stimulates the feeling of excitement associated with sex.

7. The Kama Sutra lists 30 types of kisses. Askew: when two heads are tilted in opposite directions. Kiss to ignite; planted at the corners of the lips to kindle love. Bite classic; when taken between the teeth with a lot of skin.

8. A study found that good sex triggers the region of the brain associated with falling in love.

9. Around 30 percent of women have trouble reaching orgasm.

10. During intercourse, your inner nose swells just like your breasts and genitals. This is most notably due to the increased flow of blood while having intercourse.


11. The testicles of male bees explode after orgasm thereby causing his death.

12. For men, sex burns between 100 and 200 calories on average. On the other hand, it only burns approximately 69 calories for women.

13. Endorphins released during sexual activity create a euphoria similar to opioid drug use.

14. Some people experience the same feeling of arousal when thinking about food as when having sex.

15. Twelve percent of adults have had sex at work.

16. You can’t say happiness without saying penis.

17.  According to a study, people who have sex once or twice a week have their immune systems boosted slightly.

18. The average shelf life of a latex condom is about two years.

19. Wearing high heels can negatively affect a woman’s orgasm.

20. Studies have shown that orgasms can make women more confident, productive and creative. Also creative women achieve orgasm more than regular women.


21. Sitting in a certain kind of chair pressing on the pudendal nerves in a certain way can lead to sexual arousal for women.

22. Birth control pills dampen the libido and also orgasm.

23. Women have three erogenous zones; The clitoris, the G Spot, AND the opening of the cervix. And for some women, the nipples too.

24. A man’s beards grows faster when he anticipates sex.

25. Sex in the morning is more active than coffee; it can keep you awake all day.

26. Regular sex, at least four times a week, can reduce the risk of prostate cancer for men.

27. An average male produces millions of sperm on daily basis while every woman is born with only two eggs and they are irreplaceable.

28.  A man’s dominant hand is the side of his shortest hanging testicle.

29.  The length of a man’s index finger compared to his ring finger on his right hand is an indicator of his testicle size. Longer index finger means smaller testicles, longer ring finger means larger testicles.

30. Women wearing socks are more likely to achieve orgasm during sex.

31. Nerve endings are distributed differently in every woman’s vagina. Therefore every woman needs different methods to achieve orgasm.

32. The pulsations a woman feels during orgasm are actually her uterus trying to gather sperm.

33. Being well hydrated leads to better orgasms.

34. All woman can achieve orgasm

35. Condoms kept in wallets for over a month are more likely to break.

36. A teaspoonful of sperm contains five calories.

37. Black raspberries boost sex drive.

38. Seven Viagra tablets are sold every second.

39. The average male thinks about sex every seven seconds.

40. According to a popular men magazine, more women talk dirty during sex than men.

41. You can’t achieve natural pregnancy if you don’t have full sex.

42. The average vagina is three to four inches long but can expand by 200% when sexually aroused.

43. Sex is 10 times more effective than Valium.

44. Shaving your pubic area increases your chances of spreading an STI.

45. There is enough sperm in one single man to impregnate every fertile woman on earth.

46. Having sex heals stuffy nose, it is a natural antihistamine.

47. Impotence is responsible for divorce in 26 states.

48. On average, men reach orgasm in 2.5 mins, while it takes a woman 12 mins and more to climax.

49. A man will ejaculate 18 qt of semen in his lifetime, which can contain about half a trillion sperm.

50. Approximately one-third of women in their 80’s continue to have sex with their partner, so long as they are both physically fit for it.

51. The world’s youngest parents were 8 and 9 and lived in China in 1910.

52. The Ramses Condom is names after the great Pharaoh Ramses II who fathered over 160 children.

53. In Guam, there are men whose job is to travel to countryside and deflower virgins. These men even get paid by the girls for giving them the privilege to have sex for the first time.

54. The fetish fear of having small insects crawl up ones genital is Formicophilia.

55. An average man has about 10 erections in his sleep.

56. A study shows that one in nine young ladies use morning-after pill, after sex.

57. An orgasm can cure stage fright.

58. The fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis is called Ithyphallophobia.

59. In Indonesia, anyone caught masturbating is decapitated.

60. Sex burns 360 calories per hour.

sex fact

61. Humans are not the only ones interested in performing oral sex, wolves, bears and bats are also known to participate in it often.

62. The smell of pumpkin can help increase the blood flow to the penis to encourage an erection.

63. Low blood sugar makes you irritable and less likely to want your partner.

64.At the point of orgasm, both men and women tend to have a heart rate of approximately 140.

65. Many of the worst STIs you can contract have absolutely no symptoms at all for up to three to five years.

66. The nerve endings in the clitoris extend out to where the pubic hair grows, which is why grinding feels so good.

67. Your pain threshold can increase significantly during arousal.

68. The part of the brain, the amygdala, that triggers fear and anxiety, shuts down when women have an orgasm.

69. Having an orgasm releases an anti-diuretic hormone, which is why you probably find yourself not being able to pee right after sex.

70. Peeing as soon as possible after sex prevents UTIs (urinary tract infections).

71. A blowjob is the number one sexual act desired by straight men.

72. The largest natural penis recorded was 11 inches.

73. Every year, 11,000 Americans injure themselves when trying weird sexual positions.

74. 80% of women use vibrators to achieve an orgasm by clitoral stimulation rather than inserting it vaginally.

75. Only 1 percent of women can achieve orgasm from breast stimulation alone.

76. The average sexual experience lasts 37 minutes.

77. Forty percent of women have experienced exercise-induced orgasms on more than 11 different occasions.

78. Older women are more likely to have orgasm during their last sexual encounter than younger women.

79. According to a survey of adults aged 20 to 59, women have an average of four sex partners during their lifetimes and men have an average of seven.

80. Some sexual dysfunction can stem from how a woman feels about the appearance of her genitals.

81.  Sex toyed are banned from being sold in Alabama.

82. Sperm helps fight tooth decay.

83. People who travel for festivals/concerts would rather spend time doing drugs, drinking and having sex than watching the event they paid money and traveled all the way to see.

84. Since 1609, 80 cases of double-headed penises have been recorded.

85. Women with higher testosterone levels might be more interested in masturbation than having sex with someone else.

86. 1% of the world is asexual. Most girls are buy-sexual; when you buy them something they become sexual.

87. New moms are ready to have sex sooner than the six-week wait period instructed by their doctor.

88. 6-9 billion condoms are sold every year.

89. 25% of sexual activities are done with the lights off.

90. Nipples are erogenous zones because the sensation of hardened nipples travels to the same part of the brain as sensations from the vagina, cervix and the clitoris.

91. Oral sex is the most common fantasy.

92. At least 50% of sexually active people will have HPV at some point in their lives.

93 . About 75% of men always reach orgasm during sex and only 29% of women do. Actually, most women aren’t able to climax through straight vaginal intercourse and need some clitoral stimulation to help them achieve orgasm.

94. 1 of 12 people have sex in their sleep, it is called sexsomania.

95. 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation while 10% are effected by erectile dysfunction.

96. Having eye contact for more than 6 seconds without blinking or looking away shows a desire for either sex or murder.

97. For men under the age of 40, their average time to erection is ten seconds. For some it is shorter, and if it is much longer than ten seconds, it may be an indication of erectile dysfunction.

98. Sex doubles the estrogen level in a woman, thereby making her prettier and her hair shinier.

98. The initial spurt of a man’s ejaculation travels at approximately 28 miles per hour, even faster than the 100 meters dash world record, which is currently 22.9 miles per hour.

100.For those intrigued by having a threesome, you will need to travel to Australia as 28% of the population admits to having done a threesome at least once.


101. Only 5% of the population have sex once a day, while 20% have sex 3-4 times a week, and the rest of the population are unknown.

102. Women have the ability to make their voice sound “sexier” in order to entice their men when needed. Men, however, do not possess such an ability and simply have to rely on other factors.

103. Approximately 60% of men who get aroused have erect nipples. In fact, the nipples are just as sensitive in men as they are in women, which is why so many men get erect nipples.

104. The recipe to the sensitivity of the clitoris is its 8,000 nerve fibers, which is twice as many as contained in the penis. As such, it is this area that most helps a woman reach orgasm.

105. As an orgasm becomes imminent in a woman, the vagina decreases in size by as much as 30%. This contraction is most likely to help increase the sensitivity felt by the woman as she climaxes into the orgasm.

106. Masturbation is known to help cure depression as the release of emotions and hormones when orgasm is reached to put your mind at ease, and make you more comfortable with your own body.

107. 2% of women eat immediately after sex, 3% smoke, 4% sleep, 5% take a shower and 86% finish the job themselves.

108. For a woman attempting to reach climax, it will take her only four minutes through masturbation. However, it can take upwards of 10-20 minutes to reach climax during intercourse.

109. Women who are prone to migraines are also more likely to have more sex, this is because orgasms can help alleviate the pain of a migraine.

110. Approximately 1% of women can achieve full orgasm solely through stimulating their breasts.

111. Nearly two-thirds of all men and women have fantasized about another person while having sexual intercourse with their current partner.

112. When you are aroused, you are actually less likely to be grossed out by anything that happens.

113. Orgasms, along with sneezes, cannot be voluntarily stopped once they have started because they are physiological responses to an event.

114. In Hong Kong, a woman is allowed to kill her cheating husband, but only with her bare hands.

115. The length of your tongue affects your sexual drive. The longer your tongue the stronger your petite for sex.

116. The average man spends one year of his life just staring at a woman.

117. The size of a man’s penis fully erect is not really that important. Besides, the average length of an erect penis is 5.6 inches.

118. Chocolate is a great sexual arousal when melted and licked slowly.

119. 40 % of the social issues on earth is somehow related to sex or the desire to have sex with someone.

120. Studies show that men who help their wives with house chores get more sex.