Centuries after slave trade was abolished, some parts of the world still practice the act in ways that differ from the former. Today, we see people under the shackles of modern day slavery in the form of human trafficking which is one major cause of other forms of slavery. Child labour, forced marriage, sexual slavery, organ donation, e.t.c. are all schemes that are a result of human trafficking. Human trafficking is the act of trading of human beings. It is a crime and a violation of the victim’s right. This trade may or may not involve movement of the victim from one place to another, but recently there has been recorded cases of people caught at train stations and airports trying to transport someone illegally into forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation.

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Every year, thousands of men, women and children fall into the hands of traffickers at home and abroad. Almost every country is affected by trafficking, and although the U.S has set a lot of measures in place to help eradicate this crime, the increasing rate of trafficking in the U.S is shocking. Traffickers often use air travel to move their victims. Sometimes, victims are flown into another country deceived with the hope of getting a legitimate job, other times traffickers move their victims within a country to avoid detection.

Slavery - Human Trafficking
Slavery – Human Trafficking

As an individual, you can do your quota in saving someone from being trafficked, if you know for sure that they are in danger and need your help. This 7 key things are warning signs that could indicate a passenger is being trafficked through an airport. Watch out for them and do what you can to save a life.

1. Travelers Who Are Inappropriately Dressed For A Travel Route

Traffickers are in a hurry to get their transaction done, so they might not care about the looks of their wards. You might notice someone traveling with a few or no personal items, they may be wearing over-sized or under-sized clothes or clothes not suitable for the weather on their route of travel. Victims may be less well dressed than their companions and will be closed marked if not hand-held all through the trip. This is a sign that the person is being trafficked or is travelling against their will.

2 . Travelers With Bar Code Tattoo Bearing The Word “Daddy”


In the U.S, many people have tattoos, so don’t take just any tattoo as an indicator for traffickers. These human traders feel they own their victims and a barcode tattoo, or a tattoo with “Daddy” or even a man’s name printed on their body could be a sign that the person is a victim.

3 . Travelers Who Can’t Provide Travel Details 

Traffickers use a number of tools to avoid raising suspicions about their crime and to keep victims enslaved. Some traffickers won’t tell their victims where they are located, where they are taking them to, or even the kind of job they will be doing when they get there. Traffickers withhold all these information so that their victims will totally rely on them for food, money and livelihood, forcing them to stay in any condition they find themselves. Because of this, victims can not answer any questions regarding their travel plans if asked at the airport.

4. Travelers With Inconsistent Story Line Or Communication That Seems Scripted

Sometimes traffickers will coach their victims on what to say in public to avoid suspicion. A traveler whose story seems inconsistent or too scripted might be trying to hide the real reason for their travel and might just be reciting what a trafficker has told them to say.

5 . Travelers Who Can’t Move Around Freely At The Airport 

Off course, victims are being watched at all times so they don’t escape or alert security foe help, so the Trafficker makes sure they don’t wander off their sight. People being trafficked into slavery are sometimes guarded in transit. When you notice a traveler is being controlled, closely watched or followed by someone else, feel free to ask and verify.

6. Travelers Who Are Afraid To Discuss Themselves Around Others

Fear and intimidation are two of the tools that traffickers use to control people in slavery. Traffickers often prevent victims from interacting with the public because the victim might say something that raises suspicions about their safety and freedom. While talking, victims might be hushed more often than necessary, just know its a sign.

7. Child Trafficking


A child being trafficked for sexual exploitation may be dressed in skimpy and suggestive wears to portray the child’s trade. They may appear malnourished and/or shows signs of physical or sexual abuse, such as bruises, scars, or cigarette burns. They may also seem to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

One or two of these signs might not necessarily mean someone is being trafficked. But if after observing all the 7 signs you suspect someone is being trafficked, do not confront the suspects immediately or attempt to rescue suspected victims, instead, call emergency services or alert the airport authorities, by so doing you will be redeeming someone from years of slavery.