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Playing video games and online games are usually seen as a hobby, but little do you know that there are so many celebrities who have garnered much fame from playing such games. Amongst them is Dr Disrespect, a renowned online game player; best known for his outstanding performances in popular games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite.

The gaming star is well-known for his online character appearance with reflective glasses, mullet, and a heavy mustache. In addition to being a successful gamer, Dr Disrespect is also an internet sensation, he has garnered a massive fan following on social media platforms such as Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube. Continue reading as we dig in on Dr Disrespect bio, age, face, height, family life, wife, cheating allegation and other interesting facts you need to know.

Dr Disrespect Bio (Age)

The gaming legend was born in the United States of America on March 10, 1982. His birth name is Guy Beahm, he also goes by his other names such as Doc and Dr DisRespect. He belongs to multi-racial ethnic descent and possesses American nationality. Nothing much is known about his childhood, parents, and family. As per his education, he went to California State Polytechnic from where he graduated in 2005. It might interest you to know that his gaming career didn’t just start today, the star was also an average game player while at the university; he also played Division II basketball and competed in the NCAA basketball tournaments.

After his graduation, Disrespect never thought he could make a living out of his hobby – gaming. He tried so many things which didn’t turn out positive at the end. He then resolved to become a Pro game player in 2010. He first started a YouTube channel where he posts videos of his games alongside his roommates. In 2011, having understood the rudiments of the gaming world, Dr Disrepect was chosen as the community manager in the gaming coy known as Sledgehammer. While he was there, Disrespect proved to be a valuable team player with a vast experience in gaming; he was promoted to the post of game levels designer and multiplayer map developer. He helped the company develop new level and a multiplayer map for the game called Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Furthermore, Dr Disrespect also picked up a part-time job from the online streaming website called Justin.tv in 2015. After a while, the game master resigned from his two jobs both at the gaming company as well as the online video streaming site to focus on his gaming career. Starting up as a full-time gaming professional, Dr Disrespect competed with various players around the world in the battle royale games. He further developed a funny online character; appearing with reflective sunglasses, a wig, and a mullet accompanied with an obvious mustache.

Dr Disrespect has garnered much fame in the world of gaming and is regarded as a gamer-cum-entertainer. Based on his looks, he was classified as a WWE character in the gaming world by ESPN. He has received several accolades courtesy of his exceptional gaming prowess. In 2017, he emerged as the most trending gamer and streamer of the year; thus receiving Esports Industry Award as well as The Game Awards. In 2018, he was also nominated by Esports Industry Awards for the second time under the Streamer of the year category.

Net Worth: How Much is Dr Disrespect Worth?

Dr Disrespect has been enjoying a blossoming career and has amassed a lot of wealth for himself. He is currently living a lavish lifestyle with his family. His current net worth could be around $200 thousand. He earns his net worth from different sources including his Twitch account where he gets a token of $4.99 from every visitor who wants to have full unlimited access to stream his videos.

While he is doing well with his social media presence, Dr Disrepect serves as a brand ambassador for G Fuel Energy Drinks; as well as, an advisor for Boom Television. He also has a business name Slick Daddy Club with which he sells his self-branded bags, t-shirts, phones, watches etc.

Dr Disrespect’s Wife and Cheating Allegation

dr disrespect
Dr Disrespect with his wife and daughter

Taking a glimpse of Dr Disrespect’s love life, you’d discover that it’s not as popular as his gaming career. Many of his fans have wondered if Disrespect would have time to build his own family since he devotes most of his time playing games online. Well, sorry to shock a little, Dr Disrespect is a happily married man and also has a daughter. His daughter’s name is Alana Beahm and she was born in November 2014. Although he hasn’t been so vocal about his wife and daughter, he loves keeping his family away from the media eye. He made a special video of himself featuring his daughter on the event of her birthday.

As there is no marriage without hiccups, Doc’s marriage isn’t an exception to this fact. The gaming icon has been involved in a cheating allegation from his wife. Late 2017, he was accused of having an affair with other women other than his wife. However, he took a two-month break from the online community in order to attend to his wife and family needs. He made the announcement in December 2017 and returned in February 2018. Just recently, Doc disclosed to fans that he and his wife have lost their second child to miscarriage.

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His Face and Height

Ever wondered what Disrespect look like in real life? Well, looks could be deceiving sometimes. Many people might think he appears with a wig, a mullet, and mustache in real life. Apparently, that’s not true. A glance at his picture above would show you that Guy Beahm aka Dr Disrespect is a very handsome dude with an incredible height. He stands at 6 feet 8 inches which is above the average height for American men.