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While many people never considered a career in collecting antiques; Frank Fritz has become a prominent collector and a co-owner of the popular antique shop called Antique Archeology. He is also popular for being one of the stars of the famous reality television series known as American pickers.

Prior to his career as an antique collector, Frank was an American Fire Inspector. Following his unquenchable desire for antiques, he left his twenty-five-year-long career at the Fire Department in order to focus on his antique collection biz. Learn more about his bio, career, net worth, wife, girlfriend, and other interesting facts below.

Frank Fritz: Bio

The American Pickers star was born Frank Fritz to American parents Bill Fritz and his wife Susan Zirbes in Davenport, Iowa. He first came into this world on October 11, 1965. While there is little information for public consumption with regards to his parents; we are able to gather that his father, Bill, worked at a dispensary in Iowa, while his mother did several jobs as a domestic worker.

Fritz developed a keen interest in the antique collection from a very young age and when he was in high school; he started picking different objects. After he graduated from a local high school in Iowa; Frank decided to forgo his higher education in order to focus on his passion. He later gained an employment with the Fire Department where he worked as a Fire Inspector for twenty-five years. While he was there, Frank met his high school pal Mike Wolfe who is also enthusiastic about the antique collection.

Having similar interests, Fritz teamed up with Mike to start an antique collection shop known as Antique Archeology. Consequently, his passion for antique collection became so strong that Frank had to abandon his job at the Fire Department after 25 years to focus on his antique collection career. The partners, Frank and Mike, scouts for, buy and transforms antiques for their many clients. Their shop is located in Le Claire City, Scott County, Iowa.

Furthermore, Fritz and Wolfe rose to prominence in 2010 following their appearance on the history channel show titled American Pickers. The reality series which premiered on January 18, 2010, revolves around the Antique Archeology Shop as well as the efforts of Mike Wolfe alongside Danielle Colby, Lauren Wray, and Frank Fritz, in hunting for rare artifacts across the United States. They also buy objects from other collectors, reconstruct, and display them in their antique shop.

Aside from the American Pickers show, Frank Fritz has featured on other television shows including American Dad, The Pawn Stars and Late Night Show with David Letterman.

Net Worth: How Much is Frank Fritz Worth?

The television star has earned a huge amount of money through his antique collection biz as well as his television series. He reportedly earns $300 thousand each season on the American Pickers which has contributed to significant growth in his net worth. Also, watching him on the American Pickers, you’d notice his excellent business skills; he can talk anyone into buying any item he has with ease. Frank Fritz’s net worth is currently sitting around $4 million.

Is He Gay or Straight?

Frank enjoys keeping information regarding his personal life and relationships away from the media. However, he has succeeded in striking a balance between his personal and professional life. Over the years, he has been caught up in a few controversies with regards to his sexuality because he has not disclosed details of his love life, thus, rumours began to circulate that he might be gay. Some people are of the opinion that Mike Wolfe who is his co-star on American Pickers acts is also his sexual partner.

Interestingly, the rumors died off after Mike revealed that he has a wife named Jodi Faeth and that they have been together for a long time. They also have an adorable daughter named Charlie Wolfe.

Married: Who is His Wife or Girlfriend?

frank fritz
Fritz with Diane in the antique shop

While nothing much is known about Frank Fritz’s personal life, we are able to gather that the American Pickers star has been in a relationship with a lady named Diane. The pair has decided to keep their relationship on the low to avoid the razzmatazz of the media. Frank posted a picture they took together on his Facebook page in September 2017. The lovebirds have been enjoying a romantic relationship and the looks on their faces would show you they are really happy with each other.

However, neither Frank nor Diane has confirmed their relationship yet. Diane also has a daughter named Paige from her previous relationship. Just like Frank, Diane also joins them in picking antiques.

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Is He Dead?

Despite battling with Crohn’s disease for several years, Frank Fritz is still alive, hale, and hearty. He was diagnosed with this chronic disease over 25 years ago. The disease affects the Intestinal tract of the body system and its symptoms include abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, weight loss, diarrhoea, and eye irritation. Fritz has successfully managed this ailment for so many years by adjusting his lifestyle and eating habit. In addition, he has been a public face encouraging those suffering from the Crohn’s disease. He also belongs to Crohn’s support group in four cities of the United States.