There is no such thing as absolutely easy course in the university. However, some courses are more demanding, complex and time-consuming in terms of content and time it takes to become a professional in them. Most courses regarded as tough courses are usually  anti social life and thus are usually not for a party kind of person. Obtaining a degree in any of the courses mentioned below can be hard enough to wash you out halfway if you work less hard to succeed in it. To breeze through them you require great focus , hard study and dedication.

Here are Top 5 Courses We Consider Hardest To Study In Malaysia

Manufacturing with Management Engineering:


Manufacturing Engineering don’t just focus on engineering courses but applies scientific and engineering knowledge to the creation, production and distribution of all types of products. majoring on this course is one of the hardest experience one can get within the school environment in Malaysia. It requires high level of intelligence, dedication, thoroughness and the likes. It concentrates on engineering, math, science, and technology  which are intense, rigorous and may even bore you to tears. You’ll strive harder through a lot of  Mathematics, Physics, Engineering Computing, Engineering Design and electives including: Engineering Mechanics, Design & Manufacturing; Engineering Materials & Chemistry, etc. Anyway, I don’t want to sound mean, but I can’t imagine getting into any engineering major without being perfect at computation. It is not a worthwhile option getting in this major without making huge sacrifice. In addition, to demonstrate proficiency you must read wide and far beyond what you are given in class and must be able to apply mathematics in your everyday activity. To practice with confidence, you are required to pass several professional exams.

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Actuarial & Financial Mathematics:


Actuarial science is ranked the second toughest course one can take on in Malaysia. It is a combination of science and art that are very demanding math-wise. Actuarial science tends to prepare students for the employment of mathematics to financial management. You must have to be trained in a broad range of mathematical techniques and problem solving strategies including courses in Accounting, Economics, and Finance. In Malaysia,  actuaries demonstrate their competence by passing a series of rigorous professional examinations. Its exams are very difficult and can wreck your whole system…..yes! it’s really that much a torture. Thus, you must understand and logically express expertise in order to progress in it. You may get stuck half way since after strength of study and spending hours in exams, failing is still real. If you find yourself labouring for a pass in math at A level, it’s a good sign not to take on it. More so, if you can’t motivate yourself to study for a longer period of time everyday, I guess you may get choked up by study at some point since there is a lot to study. Majoring on actuarial science is not an easy ride in Malaysia and to zip through the exams you need to be extremely studious, smart, and persistent.



It’s all about bits and pieces of everything, you must put your head down and study profusely. I would suggest you bid farewell to social life in order to hack this major. It is a very challenging course and of course worth suffering for. You may lose your social life and still make poor grades in nursing. To trash this major excellently, you really need to learn how to be an insomniac and also to take lectures when you are intensely tired. Nothing can be so tedious than to study huge amount of  material in a small time frame. You can’t just memorise the material just for you to pass the exams, but you really need to understand the material since you will need it all the way through. A lot of complex concepts to learn in a short amount of time including theory and  how to apply it through skills lab and clinical. It requires a very big hard work both physically and mentally and critical thinking for the exams that are usually stressful.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering:


Majoring on electrical and electronics engineering in Malaysia takes a lot of hard work still.  It encompasses statistics, dynamics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and heat transfer. You still have to take a lot of math and physics courses, and also  electrical engineering courses which are more conceptual and they aren’t easy courses in all honesty. Ensure that you have good head for mathematics and programming logic before considering taking on electrical and electronics engineering in Malaysia. There’s no easy engineering major generally, but electrical and electronics engineering imposes a substantial cognitive loads on you. So  if you’re considering choosing a  major like electrical and electronics engineering when you hardly trash computations, you should just do something else beside it.



Another demanding and complex course to study in Malaysia is law. It borders on great hard work, persistence and total hard study. Obtaining a degree in Law in Malaysia is difficult unless you are motivated and put all your concentrations to it. However, this is exceptionally big “unless”. Putting all concentration to it involves doing quite a lot of massive reading day in day out. It becomes unbearably tough when you have to cite several cases to back up your answers in exams.