hot female celebs who never wear bras and panties

It is surprising how hot female celebs have turned no panties and bras into a classic trick mostly in Hollywood fashion world with nearly all of them appearing barely clothed in the public eye when average females can’t do the same. Well, it’s not entirely their faults as these celebs are really arousing and have got some assets to display. Thus, they never backtrack when it comes to showing them to the world.

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Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer is talented, stunning and sexy. The star is proud of her body and enjoys showing off her assets. She is competent when it comes to donning traffic-stopping outfits. With her cleavage-bearing, sheer, cut-out and transparent dresses, fans and viewer are often left going crazy with imaginations.

Serena Williams


Serena has been caught severally not wearing panties and bra. But the tennis star is fit enough to forget her panties and bra right? We hope she does!

Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer has got more serious things to do than waste time on bras. She likes it when her nipples stick out on clothes.



Rihanna hardly breaks the habit of going braless and underwear-free. The Barbados beauty is almost never wearing undies and is surely not ashamed of letting the world see her best assets.

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Reese Witherspoon


Now, that’s some bum spill. Reese sometimes goes more than a bit wild in real life flashing her butt and boobs. The Academy Award-winning actress seems not to care what anybody thinks about her nudity.

Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian’s never been a fan of a meek look. She rather loves a racy, steamy and erotic appearance. For that reason, the fame vulture has always bared all – buttocks and breasts. The Keeping Up with Kardashians star not only goes naked on red carpet, she also keeps her fan base busy with pictures of her going natural under her shirt. Well, like it or not, Kim Kardashian is as American as apple pie.

Sharon Stone


Someone should tell Sharon that her days of wearing a dress without undies are long gone for her and that she needs to leave the younger generations to feel the liberating sensation of no underwear days. We wouldn’t mind seeing this photo some 15 years earlier, but now, it just isn’t for everybody’s stomach…

Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman  is another star who ditches underwear despite her age. Yes, she is over 40 but we can’t blame her for showing her enviable body. We wouldn’t like it if she decides to hide those packages from us.

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4. Miranda Kerr


Miranda Kerr, a British actress and former model, seems to like skipping underwear to show off her assets. The all-around glamorous English goddess enjoys appearing in public without harnessing her chest area too. This often leaves very little to the imagination. You can see her perfect look in this dramatic backless dress with a thigh-high split from Pucci.

Keira Knightley


Knightley loves to go braless and seems to enjoy her every no bra day. The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actress has a very open sense of her body and is liberal to let people have a glance. The British import, though not so curvaceous is a very attractive and stunning woman.



Queen Bey is always oozing sex appeal without underwear. The pop queen knowing that she has iconic curves and shapely derrière chooses to flaunt it in full without underwear obstruction. In fact, going braless and donning see-through dresses have become an outfit staple for blue ivy’s mum.

Miley Cyrus


Does she ever wear clothes?There is no doubt that Miley could be called a bare-breasted star who always walk around uncensored. The star always livens up red carpet every year by choosing a naughty and rebellious edge that flashes everything from her nipples down to her private part.  Well, she’s got super-skinny physique, so go on flaunting what you’ve got.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth is not for hiding, so she feeds the public with sexually titillating looks. She often shows up on the red carpet in flowing gowns without a bra. Sometimes she pulls off a side butt-baring dress putting her sexy sculpted figure on display. Well, a firm butt like that needs no undergarment.



We are used to seeing Snooki’s privates. The TV Reality Show “Star” – Snook gained fame for not having shame at all on television! And this scene doesn’t surprise us at all…

Anne Hathaway


Annie seems to love being in the centre of attention always flashing her nipples. She is always revealing her nipples in liberating outfits and we have to admit that they suit her smile just fine.

Anya Rubik


Anya Rubik is a Polish high fashion model whose body we could describe as a pure elegance. She is of course, used to going nude and sexy on red carpet strategically placing cutouts to show a little skin.

Kelly Rowland


Who needs underwear? Definitely not Kelly Rowland who is used to walking the carpet without undies.

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga though has somewhat set aside her crazy costume days, but her no underwears photos could make a gallery. The pop star never really likes wearing them.

Natalie Portman


When she is not flashing her panties, she is flashing her nipples. Natalie just loves being free on the inside. The “Queen Amidala” has an eye-popping body which she is not afraid to show the world

Erica Mena


Known for being the fiancé of Lil Bow Wow, Erica Mena is seriously doing everything to remain in the spotlight. Of course being popular for dating someone famous is actually so last decade! Since she doesn’t want to lose her “celeb” status she’s showing up almost naked in public!

Heidi Klum


As for Heidi Klum, no dress is too revealing to wear on TV. The German ex-model always leaves her underwear at home during star-studded events.

Rita Ora

Rita does disappoint when it comes to showing off a little flesh. But after she separated with the X Factor judge, Calvin Harris, the singer embarked on a new life of skipping her panties. That may sound outrageous but what seems to get in her way of attracting attention, since her ex is now dating Taylor Swift….just saying.

Lil Kim


Kim is famous for going full naked as much as she can! Conveniently loves clothing items that will not require underwear. Here, she ditched her underwear once again—and exposed plenty of skin. Sadly, this actually is not one of her worst outfits.

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Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay always throws her butt, lady part and nipples out for the public eye. She seems to do it with desperation to get attention…Like this photo, she is probably thinking “Maybe if I can make them look at my boobs, no one will notice how wasted I am, plus I will show up in the press” … That is if she is capable of thinking.