It may seem hilarious or totally absurd to think that animals generally would pay someone back in his own coin. I used to think so too, but what happened to a man in China who kicked a dog for lying down in his parking space has really changed my perception. Oh yea, he got to his parking space, got really annoyed at the sight of a dog lying right in his way, he then stepped out and gave the dog a kick to make it move away.

He thought he would easily get away with his act because most animals are generally defenseless against a human’s attacks. However, to the dog, the fight had just began because the Chinese got the surprise of his life when the dog rounded up others of his kind and proceeded to teach the man a lesson he will not forget in a hurry. I’m sure that with what the dogs did, he has probably learnt that it is not okay to treat an animal anyhow. You remember the law of karma or maybe the usual saying: let the sleeping dog lie? For ignoring this two adages, this man got a hot revenge.

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Below Is What The Dogs Did:

The dog came back to the scene of the crime, and started his payback alone on the man’s car! Like here is my barking space.

dog 2
Quirky China News/REX

He then went out and got a few friends…maybe a pack of dogs to help in the act of revenge by taking bites out of the man’s expensive car.

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Quirky China News/REX

The group of buddies flooded car, chewing up the body of the man’s car and ruining the windshield wipers….in fact the vandalization continued.

Quirky China News/REX

A neighbor in the southwestern Chinese neighborhood of Chongqing saw when this man violated the dog and caught the whole revenge on camera. When the owner of the car returned, he showed him the result of his violation. Now this is what I call a well served revenge!

dog revenge
Quirky China News/REX

I hope he learnt from this big lesson. Don’t ever kick a dog…or any animal not even a verbal assault is advised. Perhaps, if he tries it some other time, this young dog would want to chew on something other than the man’s precious wheels or car, so watch it  buddy! You don’t mess with an animal.. But if you mess with one, you mess with the whole pack.