Drugs are among the top causes of avoidable deaths in the world. But, some kids use more than one of these substances together. Studies have discovered that people who smoke are much more likely to drink, and people who drink are much more likely to smoke.

However, each individual drug has its own section with a lot more facts and stories of users with whole lots of later effects on your system.

Of course in all, they can lead to health complications. However, my focus is just on some of the negative effects and not to analyse all the alcohol-related complications.

Recently kids see getting drunk or addicted to drugs as getting creative. Even though, kids are being taught to avoid drugs at an early age, yet statistics show they’re trying them irrespective of anti-abuse education.

While some kids try it and learn from their ill experience, others stick to it  for a longer time and meet far more shattering consequences.

Maybe, this kids got influenced by the stories from adults that don’t seem to resonate well with children.

But with drug use getting more and more prevalent among kids in the world, it’s now common for people to search deeper and prove to them why they should not use drugs.

And that’s why your kids cannot afford to miss these 15 negative effects from drugs. They’ll definitely fix a permanent image into their brain especially when the opportunity arises to experiment, and will hopefully have a lasting effect on their futures.

Also, if you are considering using a drug or are already using it, or if you know someone using drugs, check out these photos of the effects of drugs so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Picture when your brain looks like this because of drugs!


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Maybe she never liked her old look…….just wondering if drugs not only changes her look, but also never allow her swipe her hair with brush or open her eyes more widely.


Now how is he going to look in 2020…..meanwhile it’s just 11 years difference. Wondering!


What? This face screams “drugs show me mercy!


This is really disturbing!


Striking resemblance between Charlie Sheen’s and his character in Ferris Bueller. I bet you don’t want to look exactly like him now, even Charlie wouldn’t wish for it too.

Charlie Sheen

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They are walking across my skin….normal experience right?


Here is Pete Doherty old look! After more than a decade of high-profile addiction to drugs and alcohol, he is finally clean.


Amy Winehouse was quite Talented?


So a dull pale face looks better? Okay!


And even Willy Wonka can use sarcasm.


What if you knew your eyes could end up stuck this way…devastating right? This shows how different drugs affect your eyes.


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She was ambitious and had potential, but a year later, everything changed.


The dog version: Sarcasm, Clearly, you do not want to be like Steve.


Hopefully, this is awesome right?


The effects of drugs on the body are pretty scary and unthinkable. Even though, we all understand that kids are likely to experiment and rebel, maybe they will give it a second thought after seeing these images. They definitely don’t want to end up like these people in these photos.

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