Many choose to renovate their homes or rather remodel their homes instead of parking to a new home. But here is one good advice for you, whenever you intend  to renovate a building, just keep in mind  that finding out what you’re about knocking down is the topmost priority to consider. Why? Because a careless swing of the sledgehammer can give rise to several damages including damage to pipes, wiring, and load-bearing beams. Or, things may even get just sheer weird just like in the case of one house in 1960s Turkey.

Incase you are wondering how weird it can get, here is the full story. A man in the Nevsehir Province of Turkey, in an area known as Cappadocia while remodeling his house in 1963, knocked down a wall and saw something beyond shocking. Perhaps, he was not giving it that much of a thought, but he saw himself mopping into a tunnel. Unknown to him, the wall he knocked down was only covering a long tunnel.

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Now, read the full story here:

This is one of the biggest and strongest stone doors ever lived. Look closely you will see a hole  right at the center, to be fitted with a beam in order to either open the door or close it.


One of the many hidden tunnel entrances to Derinkuyu.

What the man had discovered unknown to him at that moment, was the ancient underground city of Derinkuyu. Yes, he found one of the many concealed tunnel entrances to Derinkuyu.  Shockingly, it was a complete city carved into the stone just below Cappadocia, stretching out to some 60 meters down. Derinkuyu had 18 levels, which are residences, churches, food storage, wineries, and even a school among others. It was built to shelter up to 20,000 people  and also a good number of livestock. It has channel which opens to the surface with several other discreet entrances like the tunnel found behind the wall. And these concealed entrances only imply that the city was designed as a precaution in order to house the entire population if war or natural disaster come up.


The vast room was used as a religious school. Additionally, the city of Derinkuyu was used by Christian populations from the early Middle Ages up until the early 20th century. In fact it was designed to support the entire population throughout the time.

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Okay, here is a complete analysis of an underground city like Derinkuyu.  Now, cities just as this one were very useful during times of religious crisis precisely when Christians were persecuted for their faith. At the bottom level is a church where religious items would be hidden against ruin
The elaborate subterranean city was connected through stairways and passages, and even linked to other underground cities through tunnels that even reached miles. Looking close to the fifth and lowest level, it appears the population was Christian, who used the city during big crisis or wartime. The city in addition  served as a refuge from the Mongolian invasion in the 1300s and up through the 20th century for Christian people escaping persecution.Meanwhile, the city was said to have been formally designed during the seventh and eighth centuries BCE, and was in use through the 12th century until it was finally abandoned in 1923.

However, most of Derinkuyu’s entrances are very much concealed and amazingly, every part of the five levels can be shut separately with a massive stone doors. Also, the room for livestock and food stores,  and a 55-meter shaft used shows the people intended to stay there for a long time possibly.


More amazingly, the city that was nearly forgotten became even more famous after it was discovered in the process of the man remodeling his home. There after, it earned popularity and was known as the biggest of the underground cities in the area.

In fact the city was allowed to be accessed by tourist in 1969 after it was found. Currently about half the city is open to the public, but nothing was heard about the man who discovered it. Who knows, he  might have gotten a new shelter.

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Image Source: Viral Nova