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While there are different kinds of models, ranging from glamour and runway to the fashion models and commercial models; there are others known as the webcam models and Mia Khalifa is one of them. She has garnered much fame following her appearance on a series of adult videos. She is also known as a hijab porn star following her constant appearance on hijab in her sex clips. Learn more about her bio, age, husband, boyfriend, parents, and salary below.

Who is Mia Khalifa?

Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-born American webcam model and former pornstar who garnered fame through her work in the porn industry. In addition, she is also a famous social media star, amateur cook, and sports commentator. Mia’s choice of being an adult actress generated lots of controversies in the Islamic world as she often wears a hijab while performing sexual acts. This also led her parents to cut ties with her. Surprisingly, Mia was ranked No 1 performer on the popular porn site known as Pornhub in December 2014. After a few months, she left the industry and trailed a different career path.

Mia Khalifa’s Bio (Age)

The gorgeous model was born as Mia Callista in Beirut, Lebanon on February 10, 1993. She spent her early years in Beirut and when she was eight, her family moved to the United States. They settled in Montgomery County, Maryland where she completed her high school education. Khalifa also went to Massanutten Military Academy after which she enrolled at the University of Texas. While she was in the UT, Mia worked as a model as well as a bartender. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History.

Upon graduation, Khalifa moved to Miami where she started working at Whataburger Restuarant and while she was there; she was approached by a customer who introduced her to the adult movie industry. Mia left her job later that year and started her career as a porn star. She garnered wide popularity after her clip from the BangBros studio was released. The video shows Mia wearing a hijab during a threesome; thus, generating several controversies in the Islamic world. She received several death threats as well as criticisms from Lebanese Islamic fanatics after she became No 1 on the Pornhub site. Following the outrage, her parents and the rest of her family cut ties with her.

However, the alarming criticisms and threats she had received made Khalifa who initially signed a long-term contract with the BangBros Studio to opt out of the contract. She also left the industry and started working as a paralegal and bookkeeper. Later on, she started her social media career, working as a webcam model as well as a sports commentator.

Additionally, she opened YouTube and Twitch accounts where she posts several videos of her DIY cooking videos and others. Alongside Gilbert Arenas, Mia has hosted the live streaming of the daily sports show titled Out of Bounds on Complex News until February 2018. In July 2018, Khalifa announced she would be co-hosting another show called Sportsball along with Tyler Coe and the show will be featured exclusively on Roosterteeth.

Her Salary and Net Worth

Mia Khalifa has amassed huge wealth for herself through her porn career as well as other endeavors. Her porn videos have been streamed over a million times, thereby, getting more money into her pocket. While her salary and earnings cannot be ascertained at the moment, her net worth is said to be around $2.5 million. In addition to pornography, Mia also earns from endorsements and adverts.

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Family: Parents, Husband, Boyfriend?

mia khalifa

Khalifa came from a very strict and core Catholic Lebanese family. When she chose a career in the adult industry, her family didn’t support her and ended up cutting ties with her. After the news of her hijab clip surfaced online and was raising several eyebrows, her family released a statement that they are not a part of what she was doing and it doesn’t reflect their family values. Meanwhile, there is no much information regarding the identity of her parents and other siblings.

Mia Khalifa is a very private person and when it comes to her personal life, she likes keeping such information behind the curtains. She has joined the list of those who have succeeded in striking a balance in their personal and professional life. Many of her fans have been itching to know who her boyfriend or husband is; nevertheless, they are left with fewer or no answers.

As much as we could gather about her relationship, she was previously married to her high school sweetheart but has never disclosed any information including him including his name or face. The couple got hitched in 2011 and after three years, their relationship went sour. They separated in 2014 and their divorce process was finalized in 2016. They didn’t have any kids from the marriage. Since their divorce, there is no news of Mia’s subsequent relationships. She is believed to be single and not in any known relationship at the moment.