Plastic Surgery Horror Stories

Botox, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and breast enhancements are becoming so popular that normal looks now seem too plain and boring. In fact, looking untouched these days seem so terrible and with all the growth in medical treatment recently, it can be shocking to see a botched job, right?

However, this gallery of plastic surgeries gone wrong will make you think again. Just the thought of them is enough to make you stay untouched for the rest of your life!

 Butt Loss


This woman identified as Renee strips butt naked in clubs. Since she is a classy stripper, she needed to get a bigger butt to up her game. She then sought for implants in her derriere which ended up in disaster. The implants started damaging and rocking her health. She shared a video of them flipping over inside her skin to Youtube and got more than 1 million views.

Botched Bingo Wings


Laura Green from Kent, UK was troubled by the flabby bits of skin under her arms and opted to visit a clinic in Belgium to have them discarded through plastic surgery. However, it ended in regrets as she got a mammoth scar following the operation. The scars slowly continued to grow, getting even bigger than the bingo wings that she had earlier gone to remove. Fortunately, she was able to get a corrective surgery in the UK later on.

Hot Vaseline Injected Into Penis


A 24-year-old man from Bolton was tempted to help himself out after several awkward feelings around girls anytime it got to the point of hopping into bed with them. His friend advised him to inject a hot vaseline inside his manhood to help it grow bigger.  But the attempt went horribly wrong as his manhood was left disfigured and very painful. Relievingly, he had a surgery to correct the damage.

Cheek Surgery Fails


A 28-year-old Korean woman opted to have a surgery to improve her cheeks. But getting fuller cheeks like most women in the country became weird after the surgery operation went wrong. Reports say she went to a new clinic instead of an established one with a complete licence probably to pay less money. Of course, the thought of having fuller cheeks outweighed the worries of a wrong plastic surgery. Thus, she literally splashed out money to get an elderly appearance, looking much older than her 28 years.

Butt Explode


From normal butt to cement butt, police nabbed a Miami woman after it was revealed she had been pumping women’s butts with a blend of cement, mineral oil and superglue to make them more pronounced and aggressive (as above). Besides getting a result far from the desired effect, the women who got pumped said they suffered intense pain and flu-like symptoms. The booty-lady pictured above appears to be one of them. She was lucky enough to have rushed to a hospital to have all the concoctions removed from her butt.

Indistinguishable Boob


Risque or disgusting? This photo shows a woman named Alicia Jenkins who went under the knife to get sexy and generous boobs after having children. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get her sexy boobs back, right? Yes, but what went wrong was the surgery! She was left with a strange uniboob as the doctor used implants that were too large for her boobs.

Swollen Lips


TV personality Farrah Abraham had gone to the clinic to ‘enlarge’ her lips and then shared her lip fillers on her Twitter last year. We hope her lip got plumper than this in the end?

Anime Aspirant


The goal here is to look like ‘anime’ but we are not sure it was achieved. Chinese actress Fanny Sieh went for plastic surgery to look  like a hand-drawn or computer animation with big eyes and a thin chin. However, she’s gone from Fanny to someone we can barely recognise after a series of careless surgeries!

Nose To Nope


Not long after he separated from his wife, this man became ready for the next lady. In an attempt to improve his looks just so it matches the taste of any kind of woman, he went under the knife. The nose job that was done to make him have a pointy nose, however, left him with breathing problems; his nose shrunk a lot after the procedure and the nostrils closed up a bit. He needed other procedures to correct or repair it and that ended up with him having another 22 surgeries, and his nose nearly broke to pieces in the process. We are not sure he can even breath now!

Ears Sewn To Neck


This woman travelled to Turkey to get a facelift, but the surgeon made a mess of her face. She was terrified to realise that the skin of her ears had basically been stitched to her neck. That looks itchy!



Jocelyn Wildenstein went under the knife countless times, spending huge money on surgeries just to achieve a human-cat hybrid  for her big cat fanatic husband. After the many procedures, the results came out lovely!

Surgery Obsessed


Though her face clearly changed, famous fashionista Donatella Versace said she has never had plastic surgery botox. Based on her claims, creams and make-up brought about the visible change. We’re not doubting anyway!

Extreme Lip Fillers


With celebrities like Kylie Jenner going for more pouting lip look, more and more ladies are going for lip fillers. But before you join the crowd, take a look at this botch-job. Well, even though the physical change is glaringly bad, it can be turned into good. Yes, it gives a unique look and that’s one way to stand out at any occasion.

Addicted To Injections


This plastic surgery addict from Korea was always taking silicone facial injections thought to give her a softer face skin. It got to a point that doctors refused her of the injection. When her supply of silicone ran out Hang resorted to injecting cooking oil into her face. After all , if you want to get something done you do it yourself, right?

Nobody told her to stop when her face began folding in like this. She now has a grotesquely big face and she can see the permanent damage she has done to herself.

Face Lift Nightmare


Pearl Richman was one of the people who was tricked by low-grade surgeon Marco Moraci. Marco was suspended in 2015 after about 61 of his patients reported messy surgeries. Though banned from carrying out surgeries, Ms Richman already had her own fair share of the mess. She developed necrosis (cell damage which results in the premature death of cells) on her face and that comes with horrible scarring. She is clearly quite not pleased with that result!

Deadly Breast


This woman wanted to modify her breasts a little but got them looking beyond recognition after going under the knife. The surgery even made one side of her breast smaller than the other. Good enough, she visited a renowned surgeon Dr Terry Dubrow just in time to have them fixed. As luck would have it, the surgeon made a surprising discovery – one of her implants had a big ball of fungus growing inside. Scary!

Surgery Devotee


Jackie Stallone turned to a poster-child for botched cosmetic surgery to everybody’s dismay. Due to the addiction, she now has an unrecognisable face but we like it as long she is pleased with the way things have changed around her face.