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The rapid increase of online celebrities in our society has already shown a lot about where the world is heading to. The social media has created a more convenient environment for celebrities to communicate with their numerous fans all over the world. While there are people who are interested in the glamour of being an internet personality; there are some others who also make a career out of their social media presence; amongst them is Pokimane Thicc.

Who is Pokimane Thicc?

Pokimane Thicc is a well-known gamer, social media idol, YouTube Star and Twitch streamer who rose to prominence following her social media presence. In addition, she is also a professional game player and is regarded as one of the champions of League of Legends, a game she has been playing for more than three years.

The social media star Pokimane Thicc first came into this world on May 14, 1996, in Morocco. She spent her early life with her brother and parents in her native country before moving to California in the United States. She is a graduate of Chemical Engineering from McMaster University located in Ontario, Canada. However, the fast-rising star hasn’t shared many details with regards to her childhood, parents, and siblings. Read on, as we take a closer look on the multi-talented YouTube star below.

Everything You Should Know about Pokimane Thicc

1. Her Real Name and Ethnicity

Youtube celebrities are not usually known by their real names but for the name with which they garnered fame. Some of them including Pokimane Thicc have authenticated their stage name to be their legal names. Her real name is Imane Thicc, but she later adopted her stage name. Being a huge fan of Pokemon, Thicc decided to add Pokemon to her name, thus arriving at Pokimane. She also goes by other names such as Amy. Since she spent her early years in Morocco, Thicc is very fluent in French and her Moroccan dialect Darija. French is one of the major languages of Morocco; others are Arabic and Berber. While she was growing up, her family moved to California in the United States. Thicc holds an American nationality and belongs to the African-American ethnic origins.

2. She Started Her Career in 2014

pokimane thicc
Thicc with her friends Lily, Leslie, and AngelsKimi

Pokimane Thicc started her social media career in 2014 when she opened her first YouTube Channel. The following year, she opened a Twitch account. At first, she started posting funny comedy videos on her channel and later on, she began to upload her League of Legends gaming videos as well as mukbang videos showing herself eating large chunks of food and making comments on Dr. Phil episodes. Following her consistency in engaging her audience, her popularity has continued to increase over the years. She is also associated with other Twitch and YouTube stars including Nikki Smith, SpooksOP, Based_Yoona, and Scarra, among others.

3. She Has Millions of Followers on Social Media

The League of Legends star has garnered much fame on social media following her witty and interesting videos as well as her gameplay videos. She currently has a huge fan base on social media platforms; as at July 2018, Thicc had over 1.5 million subscribers on her Twitch channel and over 1.6 million on YouTube. In addition to that, she also has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram and over 143 thousand followers on Facebook.

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4. Body Measurements

Pokimane is an amazing and attractive lady with a charming personality. She has won the heart of her many fans with her gorgeous looks and athletic bodybuild. She has a height of 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm) and a body weight of 50kg. Pokimane has brown eyes, light brown hair and fit body measurements which are currently not available.

5. Her Net Worth

While there are many people who are usually engaged on social media, there are also others who get paid for uploading creative contents and Pokimane is one of them. Since the inception of her social media career, the star has continued to amass huge wealth for herself; she is currently living a lavish lifestyle and her net worth which is said to be running in millions is still under review and can’t be ascertained at the moment.

Since she monetized her YouTube and Twitch channels, Thicc has continued to reap from both donations as well as subscriptions. To get an unlimited access to her videos will cost you $4.99. Additionally, she has signed endorsement deals with notable brands such as HTC ESports, Discord, and she has her own website Pokimerch.com where she sells her self-branded t-shirts and other accessories.