There are times our families gather together, usually over some delicious foods. And there are certain foods that are associated with such gatherings, which are chosen because the words used to describe them are all desirable. Amazingly, this man has given an amazing new way of cooking potato, the type that springs to mind with its supreme taste.

People usually boil, fry or prepare potatoes in different kind of ways. Although they might find it boring or particularly undesirable as far as cooking skills go, but it is quite handy! All our favorite dishes from potato salad for a summer cookout to mashed potatoes for family get together start with — oh yes! — boiling a pot of potatoes. So a man has provided more fun way of cooking your potato rather than just boiling.  Not only will it get excited when cooking it but it will also make your potato come out quite delicious for any kind of occasion. Now have you ever imagined delicious potatoes, bacon and a good barbecue all mixed into one? This will certainly get many salivating and wanting for more.

As you already know, everyone loves well-prepared potatoes, and everyone loves bacon too. More importantly, everyone loves a good barbecue

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That is just the reason Jason King, host of the BBQFOOD4U web series, decided to come up with an amazing way to mix these delicious foods in the absolute baked potato: the Volcano Potato! This invention is an awesome baked potato that echoes in the word “delicious”.



Just watch the video below to see how the baked potato is mixed in a tasty sauce and is wrapped with perfectly crispy bacon, thanks to BBQFood4U. You will not regret trying it at home. Watch the video below to see how to make yours.

I know you got your mouth-watering watching the above video. Well, this barbecue Volcano Potato tastes better than it looks.  Amazingly, its recipe is as simple to make as it is delicious. It’s a wonderful side dish to match up to practically any meal (of course , even breakfast). You can even improve the potato volcano recipe by using this recipe as a guideline to come up with your own volcano potato that will be awesome too. Yes, it will still come out perfect if you use any ingredient you love to taste. The only set back to reaching your dream  volcano potato is your imagination.

Please don’t the skip the important part of sharing this recipe with your family & friends.

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