You might want to get ready for a panic attack because this will shock you till your heart starts skipping beats especially if you are afraid of heights; long trail that is very dangerous from every angle with steps at some places and ledges that let your life hang as if on an unpredictable balance. What is shown below is Mount Huashan, one of the most intriguing mountains in China. At the base of this mountain is a set of stairs referred to as “the Heavenly Stairs” which are made from massive stone cutting. Standing at the foot of Mt. Mt. Huashan, it is almost impossible to see where the stairs end very high up the mountain. However, if you have the courage to follow the stairs, it would lead you through to the most dangerous trail on earth called the Huashan plank part which is just outside the city Xi’an.  It is worthy of mention that you get a solid safety gear if you are ever going to be interested in climbing this trail but what could be more rewarding than getting to the end and realising what lies there? the answer will shock you.

Beautiful but daunting heavenly stairs

huashan heavenly stairs


A downward view of the stairs. This is still not the trail

HuaShan steps

While on the stairs, you can see little Chinese villages and houses that have cropped by the mountain side.

huashan villages

A gondola ride to the southern peak of mount Huashan where you can continue on the very scary plank trail

Huashan Gondola Ride

The landing for the plank trails

Huashan Above 2
huashan above 1

Meet the most dangerous trails made of planks on the mountain side and nothing but chains to hold onto

Huashan Plank Road

What gives people the courage to take such a risk? the answer lies at the end

huashan climbing
Huashan Plank Journey

I am having a sweaty hands at this stage. Only the brave can get to this point

huashan edge

Thousands of people end up at the teahouse which used to be one of the many Taoist temples located on each of Mt. Huashan’s five peaks

huashan teahouse 1
Huashan Teahouse

This teahouse is just one of the very many Taoist temples. The entire concept came from the original inhabitants who practised asceticism, and didn’t have the habit of travelling but rather meditated daily for which tea drinking was a necessary part. The big question is: is it really necessary to make this journey with all the risks involved to get to this teahouse? share this page and your thoughts on Facebook…