We all love oranges, so we thought that it would be fun to take a tour of the most liked fruit using its peel. Of course we can on one hand say some of the health benefits of the orange itself without saying much about its peel. You won’t believe an orange peel can be this crazy. For a better understanding, orange contains limonene which is a colorless liquid hydrocarbon with a lemon-like scent, present in lemon oil, orange oil, and similar essential oils.

Additionally, Limonene takes its name from the lemon, as the covering of the lemon, like other citrus fruits, consist of considerable amounts of this compound, which is partly responsible for their odor. This compound is usually used as a wetting agent and in the manufacture of resins among other uses.

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Limonene is very common in cosmetic products since the main odor comprises citrus (plant family Rutaceae). It is used in food manufacturing and some medicines, such as a flavoring to cover the bitter taste of alkaloids, and as a fragrance in perfumery, aftershave lotions, bath products and other like products that relates to fragrance. Another big use of it is as a botanical insecticide, as you already know that the enantiomer is the highest active insecticide. The very element is also added to cleaning products such as hand cleansers to give a lemon-orange fragrance since it has a super ability to dissolve oils. You could say that this content is sticky too.

Yes, and its no wonder after you peel an orange, your fingers are probably sticky, slightly greasy, and smell heavily of citrus. This is simply so because orange peels have huge quantities of limonene in them, a vital oil. This limonene not only hydrate your skin making your fingers smell like a Florida orange grove, it can also do something insane to a rubber balloon!

Watch the video below and see a trick that’ll stun you, but don’t watch alone…..as it will also surprise all your friends.

Its fun right? Okay, another fun thing about limonene is that it’s a hydrocarbon, which tell us that it’s easily flammable. So, that means you could potentially begin a rolling fire with lemon peels! You will agree with me that science is very much capable of some pretty insane stuff!