It is definitely not a thing of laughter when your bag gets bashed about and things get damaged, but it is funny that people are still surprised.

On different instances, travelers from all over the world took to social media including Twitter, Facebook and the likes to express outrage over bags being dropped several meters from an aircraft into a luggage bin at Toronto’s international airport. But this man has made it clear that the bad way they handle people’s luggage does not just happen only in a particular country. They are sadly not isolated incidents because many countries have similar tales and footage.

The pretty amazing thing here is how people who still cherish their jobs would do that in plain view considering they are being watched. Of course with frequent caught-on-camera demonstrations of how luggage can fly, hit and rebound depicting “a not so well sight” especially when we behold how the handlers get the travelers bags maltreated appear almost all the time.

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Sometimes people see it happening for example when you would sit helplessly while watching your bags lying comfortably on maybe a wet floor or on spills after being flung right over the top off the baggage trolley.

And in such instance, several ground crew could walk past it for quite some time before anyone would notice it or even bother to retrieve it.

Now, what happens when your baggage is lost or delayed in such process? Funnily enough, there could be no set rules about how the airline will deal with your problem.

However, this awesome video by a very renounced comedian would so tell you how funny it can get. Oh! yea, it is very funny and worth watching and you are bound to love this video. His sense of humor is awesome.

His humorous way to complaining has proved as much relieve as possible to people who might have been depressed by the way their luggage was handled.

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The Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert, who has had plenty of mileage out of having his bag destroyed by an airline.

Gilbert likes to blame a different carrier depending on where he is telling the story, but I still laugh every time I listen to him describe having nothing but the bag’s handle returned to him.

Click On The Video Below And Laugh Yourself Silly. But Remember To Laugh With Your Friends……So Share!

Funny right and probably one of the funniest videos you have seen! It gets more awesome and surprising when you imagine how someone could talk about Luggage all through the minutes and still get you cracking your lips to laughter. you could also watch whenever you need cheering up…it will definitely make your eyes leak.