A woman in England won’t be much happy dealing with fruits any more after opening a bag of bananas and discovering something extremely bad right inside of it. The 43-year-old woman whose name is Maria Layton, purchased an ordinary bag of bananas from a supermarket in her hometown like she had always done, but was shocked in the end. She got back home, and left the bag sealed on top of her kitchen counter for one complete day before anyone unsealed it. She brought a banana from the bunch for her 6-year-old daughter and perceived something wasn’t just okay about the bunch. Guess what she saw living inside one of the bananas in the bunch? The first banana she got out of the sealed bag seems slightly like something out of normal, so she dumped it and got another one only to discover a giant wandering spider inside it. Yes! she saw a giant spider cocoon. Read on to see photos.

   Now, in the words of Layton,

“The first banana I grabbed had an abnormal bits on it, so I grabbed the second one for my little daughter and that was when I noticed the big spider cocoon, “Although, there was a spider web on the other bananas in the bunch, too”


Like one of her worst moments, the frightened mother of two closed the banana bag back up and took to Google to search what was actually happening. Of course she knew little about the creature, so she had to look it up on google. After much research and viewing of images online, she came down to the fact that the creature in the banana was likely a Brazilian wandering spider, in fact one of the deadliest spiders in the world. Oh my gosh! this is scary.


The said spider also called armed spider or banana spiders, belong to the genus Phoneutria, meaning “murderess” in Greek. The venom of the Brazilian wandering spider is very deadly and can take a human’s life in just two hours. And it’s one of the most venomous spiders on Earth. just a bite is enough to kill humans, especially children, but the quick use of an anti-venom makes death very unlikely. In men however, the spider’s venom inflicts painful, hours-long erection. This specie of spider called wandering spider gets its name from the fact that they do not build webs like other species. Rather, they hide during the bright spring morning and afternoon and then hunt on the jungle floor at night. They’re famous for their love of bananas, which to some extent explains why this one was inside a banana bag…but didn’t the super market check before sealing the bag? Perhaps it’s a question for another day.


As luck would have it, Layton was fast on her feet and saw the cocoon in the banana beginning to spread out as it was tightly furled when inside the banana. Without leaving anything to chance, she placed the banana in a sealed box and put it in the freezer to kill the spider.

The Supermarket chain Tesco gave Layton a complete refund and also asked her to return the bananas to the store so that they can conduct an investigation.

Okay, for big fans of banana like myself, is this story not making you stay in your lane? Yes, like abstain completely from bananas and even fruits forever so you’ll be on the safe side. Of course, I know the health benefits are quite enormous, but you could just picture looking at a deadly spider in your breakfast, so alive, folding and unfurling itself…..tell me, wouldn’t you stay off food the whole day or the entire time? I would too!