Normal people don’t understand how a man could just decide to rape a woman, or how a man could rape his wife, or how a guy could rape his girlfriend. But The Most bewildering of all is how in the world could a man think of raping his nephew’s girlfriend? It is a universal truth that whoever the rape victim is, the act of rape is an extremely bad crime, it is frowned on by the society at large and mostly by security agencies everywhere. It is assumed that once a woman says NO that should be the end of everything unless she changes her mind again. And by that I mean “consensual sex”. But these days, more and more cases of rape are being reported and the culprits keep getting away before the authorities could nab them. But then, 99 days they say are for the thief but one day is for the owner.

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And this is where the interesting story of a man who got sheer revenge on the uncle that raped his girl comes in. He did not have to lament that the authorities were too late or that the culprit got away, he took matters into his own hands and avenged the love of his life. Read on to see the full story.

Based on Myrtle Beach Online, a 52-year-old Conway man got his due reward for raping his nephew’s girlfriend. A police report revealed that William L. Mattson’s nephew had dropped his girlfriend off to his father’s house upon arrival from a New Year’s party of which the two had attended. The nephew had left only to return to hear moaning from outside the door of the room he shares with his girlfriend. According to the statement the nephew gave the police, he kicked the door down and saw his uncle, Mattson, who also lives in the house, on top of his girlfriend. He claimed he had struck the uncle repeatedly in the face and drove him out of the house.

The nephew said that William had not expected him back so soon. William got his due after he decidedly assaulted the young girl sexually. After all said and done, this is what bad old uncle Mattson now looks like after receiving several punches on his face.

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While the nephew was giving his statement to police, William L. Mattson got back to the house and told police his nephew had dropped the girl off and that he and the girl were drinking together. Mattson told police they began to hug and kiss while the girl was naked under a duvet, but that he was fully clothed. It’s then his nephew returned and struck him repeatedly, the report says. However, the girl told the police that nothing was consensual, that Mattson had met her naked in her room and pounced on her trying to rape her. Mattson was then placed under arrest. He is now in jail facing sexual assault charges for reportedly assaulting his nephew’s girlfriend. Whats more the nephew was acting in defense of the victim so he will not be charged with assault. Now this what you could call well-served justice.