An opera singer, Lucy Kay really shocked the judges in Britain’s Got talent. Based on her story, Lucy Kay was only four years old when her parents parted ways and as a result, she traveled to various towns and that marked the beginning of her abuse both physically and verbally at the hands of bullies and oppressors. She faced and felt the pains of bully as a young girl. As might be expected, she is beautiful, has a beautiful voice and soul with so much feeling behind it and yet many still bullied her.

And surprisingly, she pushed past all her experiences through sheer force of will and nerves as a young girl and she has mastered how to get out her head and do amazing things. She was able to transport herself to somewhere else seeking to have a better experience.

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The torment and torture of being bullied for most of her life stuck with Lucy, making her quite afraid and nervous in public. She could hardly face the public because of her harsh encounters in the past. But, when the 24-year-old opera singer came onto the stage of Britain’s Got Talent and shared her story, her bravery out-shined her fears as she found her calling. She sang with so much confidence and held the audience spellbound and even made them scream at the top of their voices.

When she finished with her incredible performance of Puccini’s “Vissi d’arte,” Lucy got an amazing standing ovation from the panel of judges and audience, with Simon Cowell calling her performance “extraordinary.”

Below is the Video of her performance, it would inspire and impress you to pursue your dreams and to hold on to your faith in yourself. Enjoy!

Very impressive right? The gorgeous woman just knows what she wants and how to express herself in the way she knows best which is by singing. Honestly, I was touched by this video. I hope you were too? She is only asking for acceptance and the permission to be like every other person.  Her tears simply defines how long she has borne the weight of her pains alone without a single person willing to treat her right. Well her life is definitely changing course after this.