Got that feeling to try something new? Perhaps, an urge or big desire to eat, drink, and be merry with something way awesome but new? Prepare for your unseasonal and seasonal celebrations with this cake making that will surely make a difference. Not only can you discover what you should be gobbling to complement your drink but you can also learn a fascinating cake to impress your friends and family. As you casually get a slice of the cake you can remark upon its unique nature and taste.

Okay, I know cooking generally, might be boring when you do same old thing time and again. Please don’t get me wrong but I am no stranger to the kitchen. Yes, if you had prepared laborious, expensive meals before, often using same old ingredients and methods or even kitchen gadgets, you will not doubt this one bit. Of course even eating the same stuff can be even worse.

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Cooking should be fun and even the food itself should be more fun. To make it fun, you should try something You can now make a cake way beyond unique and rare? When I did it turned out being everything the world ever told me about wonderful food. And this is particularly true for cakes and desserts. But for this desert in the video below,  no dessert seems as much fun to make as this exciting, and excellent colorful cake. This cake is not just fun but it conceals a surprise heart on the inside. Both the making and the final taste are comforting….in fact it is a comfort food to say the least.

So, if you have been looking for a way to make something beyond awesome and new, you could try it too. Although, it is not the easiest cake to make because it requires a lot of work and huge love goes into its making but it is something you can provide right? good!

Now, you can give it a bold try but keep in mind that this cake demands for much love in its making as demonstrated so eloquently in the heart it conceals. Watch The Video Below To See How Awesome It can Get.

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Source: How To Cook That

If it got  you craving for it, and you want to make one, here is how. To make one of these rainbow-colored surprise heart cakes, you’ll need a few things. Read on to see the stunning recipe, as posted by Ann on her website, How To Cook That.

Colored Hearts:

Makes enough hearts for two cakes 22cm (8.66 inches) long each heart or other shape cutter, hers was 7.5cm (2.95 inches) across and 7cm (2.76 inches) tall 3 packets vanilla cake mix 5 gel colors, or you can use neon colors if you prefer.

White Cake:

2 packets vanilla cake mix.

To Decorate:

White fondant frosting (she used the frosting that was in the boxes of cake mix) colors as used for making the cake.

Remember to share with friends who love cake making like myself…..lets make food more fun.