We all know that surfing is nice, fun, and also a safe sport. It does not only make you brave, fit, healthy, but it also makes you an early riser. So when a California surfer Dan Murphy hopped on his board for the game of high jump off the ground deck, it did not occur to him he was going to meet the most amazing friend. He thought it was going to be the usual experience he gets every other days, but surprisingly, it turned out to be one of his best days. Yea, what was meant to be just another day of surfing, transitioned to something unexpected and unimaginable. Of course, what he saw is something coated with heavy emotional experience that will last him for the rest of his life. And in case you are already worrying your brain what that could be, read on to see for yourself.

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This surfer felt something come up from behind as he was waiting for a swell….yes, something holding him so tightly like it never wanted to let go. At first, he thought he was about to get a painful neck bite, but looking back, he saw it was a friendly baby sea-lion. Now, that’s awesome  right?


The friendly baby lion while settling itself in his lap, the surfer calmly held the sea-lion, like he wanted to give him a kiss  and they both gave each other a good close hug. Of course, quite unlike how a sea animal would react to human, this baby lion stunned the surfer by showing him how much friendly he can be. Perhaps, both he and the sea-lion have been enjoying the waves all along before he got hit by the waves.

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The sea baby lion jumped on his surfing board and Dan Murphy couldn’t help giving him a ride. As they took a ride together, an observer would get too emotional seeing how cute they looked together. In fact the sea-lion was just behaving like a puppy.

According to Dan Murphy,

You see those pups around this time of year, [but] I’ve never seen them interact with people like that


While they rode together, Dan discovered the sea-lion was well fed as it was not looking hungry and malnourished like other wild animals. For this reason Dan Murphy to believed it may have been a rehabilitated animal from Sea World, released into the wild. And this belief was further backed by the fact that the baby sea-lion showed around human beings.


Meanwhile, the surfer’s friend, Eileen Quintela, snapped photographs of the duo having all the good time.

After both Murphy and the baby sea-lion finished having all the fun surfing, he gently in tears nudged the animal back into the water, an experience he readily admits was emotional.

Maybe they will meet again someday, but even if they don’t, he’s experienced something so incredible that he’ll be able to carry with him forever. Yes, the friendly creature left an indelible mark in his memory.

In the words of Dan:

I was literally in tears,” he recalled. “I waved to him.”

Despite the fact that the surfer was forced to bid farewell to the baby sea-lion, he was left with a memory that neither he nor the pup is likely to s forget any time soon. Indeed, it was an experience in his memory that will linger almost forever.

Anyway the video below shows similar story happened in the past where two surfers allowed a friendly sea animal ride their surf board: So you can say Dan  Murphy is not alone in this.

Source: (Bolton and Friends, Inquisitr)

You will agree with me that this animals are incredibly amazing and adorable.

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